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  1. Um... Graphics Problem?

    i dunno, i was saying it worked for me, and now does not at 10.5.8.
  2. Um... Graphics Problem?

    have the same problem with qe/ci not supported. went all of last year with my iatkow install working nearly flawlessly at 10.5.5, updated this week to 10.5.8 using ideneb 1.5.1 and the 10.5.8 combo upgrade. suddenly no support for coverflow, screensaver, etc. tried some different ati drivers, everything ruins the post install video. anyone have any success with this with a similar setup?
  3. stuck at apple logo screen

    well, i ran disk repair from ideneb 1.5.1, and still nothing. so i went back into disk utility and erased the thing and went to install. i think i forgot to check ahci fix in the install options, and got after booting get a patterened screen of colorful nonsense. i erased the drive again, and now the machine hangs on the "verifying dmi pool data..." screen at startup. goddamnit.
  4. stuck at apple logo screen

    thanks for the help, seriously. this is what i ended up doing, i pulled the hdd and put it in an external enclosure, and am backing up to macbook as i type this. when i have all the files i need, i'm gonna put back in my hack and try a repair from ideneb install dvd. if that works, then i'll do a complete backup (not just the vital data) so that i can migrate the machine over once updated to 10.5.7. my machine worked great before the crash, hopefully it works as good with the new install.
  5. stuck at apple logo screen

    thanks so much for the response, even though it's a {censored} problem, this is kind of reassuring because this is a problem i'm more comfortable with resolving. but now i'm wondering, must i boot from the same install disk/distro that i used to install osx86 in the first place? or will a different distro or even a retail copy work? or since i was planning on using ideneb to do a fresh install of 10.5.7, would it be a good idea to install on a different harddrive, then when the machine is running again, plug in the old drive and try to pull this new files i need to recover off it then? if you have any ideas on the matter, i would sure appreciate your time.
  6. stuck at apple logo screen

    GIGABYTE GA-EP45-DS3R MOBO Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHZ HD2600XT 512MB DDR3 Radeon HD 2600XT 512MB SATA HDD 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800 I'm having a similar problem here, i built the above machine with a friend and successfully installed iAtkos 10.5.4, updated to 10.5.5. Originally it was intended to just be a messing around machine to supplement my macbook. Well, it was so much faster and reliable enough that it ended up becoming my regular machine, despite my limited knowledge of how we actually got osx86 on there in the first place. well, the other day my power went out, which had happened before and had been no big deal. my machine had always rebooted without any problems. but not this time. i'm stuck at the gray apple screeen and when i boot in verbose mode, i get over and over: diskOs2: I/0 error. and then mixed in some of these other suspicious lines: michael-kellys-mac-pro sandbox compilerd[18]: find computer pthread_cond_timedwait e=60 (operation timed out) michael-kellys-mac-pro sandbox compilerd[18]: bootstrap_look_up_per_user failure (kr=49, duration=19.670606) unknown error code family specific matching fails BTCoexistence feature not supported! a whole bunch of other stuff, and just now: ACPI CPU Throttle loaded ACPICPUThrottle: Adding CPUO ACPICPUThrottle: Failed with code -536870212 that repeats four times before this: ACPICPUThrottle: No valid CPUs returned by ACPI! It's Possible your BIOS does not think your system should be throttled and therefore did not return any available power states, or maybe your CPU only supports one other power state than maximum there's more, but i'm not sure how to capture it. like i said, i'm pretty novice at the under the hood stuff, because of all your hard work i've been able to enjoy my hackintosh for over 7 months without any issues, and of course i make regular back ups knowing that issues can always pop up, but i have some important data on the machine that is not backed up anywhere from the past week or so. my friend that helped me in the first place is AWOL right now, i would really like to know if there's any way i can get into my machine to back up data on it before installing ideneb 10.5.7 that i downloaded last night. i know you're not my personal hacking army, i was trying to learn to do this stuff on my own from my buddy. but this just happened to blow up in my face when he's unreachable AND i need to get my machine back online. Any help would be HIGHLY appreciated.