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  1. Random Freezes at Mavericks

    Try to high up memory voltage if you are at 1,5 try 1,61V in case it comes from your memory But do it at your own risk. Some memory which are not correctly cooled can burn. For my part my memory was not is the motherboard list and I gain my stability thanks to this method
  2. Random Kernel Panic ? Your opinion

    Ok no problem... I'm using iMac 14,2 but I have tried macmini and MacPro I have the same problem. Next step try to install on a clean formatted disk ... I Have ask GiGABYTE for a new replacement motherboard but this will be swapped in a month until that time I need to find a solution
  3. Random Kernel Panic ? Your opinion

    not using any kext but FakeSMC
  4. Random Kernel Panic ? Your opinion

    this what I have done of course nothing to say here ... everything seem to be ok
  5. Hi guys, I have random Kernel Panic using Maverick. Pretty different one. WindowsServer, mds, Kernel, applications, sound module, almost everything ! I have tried to find where is the problem in vain. I have tested my CPU with Prime95 during one hour. No problem I have tested my RAM with Rember (RAM tester) without any problem May it come from a bad PowerManagement as it is the only that I'm not able to fix or maybe my Motherboard is out of control ? Or may it come from something else ? Thank you for your opinion here guys
  6. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    In fact, I was not able to use PMPAtch that's it. I wanted to know why and as Coderush asked regarding a previous problem with a GA Board which is almost the same product as me: "Doesn't it work out of the box? I have no GB boards now, but if 0xE2 is locked, then I will try to figure out, where." I just wanted to share my experience on my board too a GA Z87X-OC which is not the same one but having the same problem Are you 100% sure that MSR 0xE2 is not locked on my motherboard ? You would be the first one who was able to answer to my question and that's nice I have patched my Kernel using Pike and Rehab technic but I'm still not able to use PM PATCH is is not normal ? should I have to patched ACPUPM.kext as well ? no ? You seem to know this mobo and PMPATCH well; this kind of advice could be really appreciated. (am I off topic here ? if so do not hesitate to delete my post) Thank you very much for everything and your support.
  7. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    are you talking to me (a quote would have been nice)? Because I don't know what my question regarding PMPatch has to do in Rehab thread....
  8. [UEFIPatch] UEFI patching utility

    I have the same problem as ameris_cyning Gigabyte Board and Haswel: Powermanagement is real mess here for me. The only way to have my system stable is to lock my SpeedStep... PM match is not working for my Board having the same error code as ameris cyning ? Is it a way to make it work ?
  9. I discovered something really strange and I don't know how I have done. I disable SpeedStep using CLOVER latency 0x03E9 and used SSDTPrGen. My multiplier was locked however consumption was correctly moving and managing... (strange) Result a 4 days rock solid computer without any hand and any freeze ... no more speedstep and sleep but a nice working computer until someone find the solution. The problem is I don't how I have managed this because right now my SpeedStep came back even with latency argument... You cannot disable it in BIOS as 10.9 is able to overpass BIOS and check "deep inside the kernel"... this may be a XCPM problem ...
  10. Gigabyte Z77-DS3H + Clover

    If you managed to get rid of that problem: AVF error: AVF_VirtualAcceleratorCreate: fail to create QT accelerator I'm your man. It has been 3 months since I started to fix this problem in vain ...
  11. Fermi style problem ... typical GTX 560ti problem ... I have spent 3 months trying to solve this aweful fermi card with osx in vain... Everything was clarified when I changed for another card like GTX 680 fully compatible...
  12. Vanilla AppleCPUMAnagement.kext 10.9

    Good catch guys ! You are awesome and I'm one of the biggest noob around here... I completely forgott that is coming from MSRDrumper Thank you very much
  13. Vanilla AppleCPUMAnagement.kext 10.9

    haha May I be a little more in demand I need the Vanilla AppleIntelCPUPowerManagementInfo.kext (I have messed this one two) Thank you very much for your time it is really nice
  14. Hello, I've messed things in my MAC... Can I ask you for some help. Could someone give me the Vanilla AppleCpuManagement.kext from Maverick 10.9 this would nice from you Cheers
  15. I have the same thing as you guys however I want to point out something to you. It seems that C-States are not correctly injected by SSDTPRGEN... SSDTPrGen still need to be twiked but PIke is far away from us right now and just before he left he discovered a real clue that AppleCPUMangement.kext is not used anymore with 10.9. In fact when you disable C1E, C2, C ....it is using it just take a look at HWMONITOR and you see ... The new Mavericks kernel has power management moved down into the kernel. In the past, we patched AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement to avoid the kernel writing to locked CPU MSRs (machine specific registers, credit RevoGirl). And Pike has not changed SSDTPrGen regarding what he found because he was leaving for personnal reason... I can tell you that with a GA Z87X-OC and a i5 I have many freezes and I'm losing sleep when I use SSDTPRGEN with 10.9 and my board... As soon as I use GENERATED P-STATE and Disable C-State in Bios everything is working fine but I know that this need to be fixed because this is completely not a vanilla install. WHy I'm losing Sleep with SSDTPrGEN no one was able to answer to that around the world... haha lets wait for Pike and we will see