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  1. SSD Not showing up

    I'll try that some other time. Gave up on OSX for now. Thank you for all the help though guys!
  2. SSD Not showing up

    That's what I did yesterday. I partitioned the 1.5TB drive. installed it. Then when I went to run it. I got an EBIOS error.
  3. SSD Not showing up

    Whatever. I gave up. Wasn't getting enough help. Don't have time for this anymore
  4. SSD Not showing up

    Hangten. The drive works fine. It's working fine in Windows 7. It just isn't appearing in the Disk Utility. But it shows up, because it's recognized in the "System Profiler". The SSD works fine, just doesn't show up mate. I mean. I guess my last bet, is to install OSX on a partition, and then clone the SSD with the partition i installed OSX on?
  5. SSD Not showing up

    I reset BIOS completely by taking out the CMOS Battery. Still no show. Man, this is frustrating....
  6. SSD Not showing up

    k well I burned Hiren's with PowerISO. Going to go into MiniXP and format the drive. Should I format it as NTFS? Or just make it Unallocated Space? Okay. So I booted into Hiren's BootCD. And used the "Checkdisk" tool. Which apparently fixed a few filesystem errors. I don't think that'll help though since the drive will have to be formatted anyways. So basically, HD Tune worked; however the other Harddrive programs didn't see the drives, or atleast didn't list them. Dang. I honestly don't know what else to do? Reset BIOS?
  7. SSD Not showing up

    Use that software to burn Hiren's Bootcd? I'm on Windows 7 now. Just letting you know. I haven't been able to install OSX yet.
  8. Is this PC Snow Leopard Compatible?

    Straight from the guidelines: "Will my hardware work?" Pretty meaningless question, forbidden by the forum staff guidelines. For your existing hardware, download a recent distribution or, better, buy a copy of Snow Leopard and try. Or search here: http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/Main_Page You can also use the search engine, of course. You can also google. Write the most relevant "part" of your hardware (normally your mobo. Or, if you have a laptop or a complete, branded desktop, its full name) + insanelymac (or "os x")- Examples: "asus p5q insanelymac". "dell inspiron xx insanelymac".
  9. SSD Not showing up

    Hello Hangten, Thanks for that. I was just wondering. What exactly should I do with the Hiren's boot CD. That second link you gave me for pages 1-9, simply list the tools of the Hiren's boot CD. Which tools would you recommend me to use and for what purpose? Also, regarding the RMA. The drive is brand new, as in fact, this drive IS my RMA I had a faulty drive before this that wasn't even recognized in BIOS. So this one works fine for a fact. Also, do you think it would be possible for me to install it on an IDE harddrive, and then copy everything over to my SSD and boot from it. Or will that not work as well? I'm going to try resetting the BIOS. Does flashing the BIOS with new Driver reset it? Or do I have to pull the CMOS out for a bit to reset it? Also, everyone feel free to hop in and help. Would like to get OSX running soon. Been trying for the past 2 weeks, haha.
  10. SSD Not showing up

    Hey guys, So I got past the "Still waiting for root device" error. However, now, when I go to install. I tried Kalyway, iatkos S3 and iatkos v7. My SSD Doesn't show, but my 2 other SATA HDDs do show. Any idea how I can fix this? It's weird, because it doesn't show in DISK UTILITY, but it does show in the System Profiler. Pics, Disk Utility: System Profiler (SSD Selected): System Profiler (SSD Info): All I need is for it to show up in my Disk Utility so I can format it and have it appear in the Installation screen to choose which drive to install too, because right now nothing shows up in there. My system specs: Mobo: ASUS M4A79XTD Evo CPU: AMD Phenom X4 965 RAM: G.Skill PC12800 1666Mhz 4GB GPU: BFG GTX 275 896MB SSD: G.Skill Phoenix Pro 60GB HELP! Would upgrading SSD firmware be helpful at all? Thank you to everyone who helps, in advance
  11. hello folks, I've been having lots of trouble trying to install iATKOS lately. First started out with troubleshooting a "Still waiting for root device" issue which eventually lead me to purchasing a new DVD ROM for $30. So now I get to the installation; however, My SSD Doesn't show up! My specs are: AMD Phenom X4 965 3.4Ghz ASUS M4A79XTD-EVO motherboard BFG GTX 275 gpu Drive I'm installing to: G.Skill Phoenix Pro 60GB SSD That's the main stuff. I've downloaded transmac, and I am honestly hoping that there is some kext I can inject into the ISO that will make this work I am so frustrated right now and would really appreciate any help given! Thanks in Advance, - Peter