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  1. Installing from USB Flash Drive

    read http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=148129
  2. Dual Boot XP and Leopard

    Is far as I know using iAtkos you can. But prepare to to reinstall them both.. First have to install XP (using FAT 32 I think) then osx. don't know with other distros, but think they dual boot as well. If you have the OS in separate HDD then don't have a clue (couse that's how I have them right now, I'm uses the boot selector pop-up from the bios)
  3. PLease help installing OS X on my PC

    Try to boot with -v optino (press F8 at boot) so you can give some detailed information. Don't know your motherboard.. But when I succesfully intalled leopard on my P4 I used the Leo4all (10.5.2) distro... now with a pc like yours (except motherboard) I could intall the leo, Jas, Iatkos and iPC (really like the last one) Maybe you're choosing wrong drivers??
  4. network card doesn't work after first boot iPC 10.5.6

    thanks for you reply (and welcome) ^^ about mi computer: Motherboard Asus P5GC-mx/1333 chipset: North -Interl 945GC South -Intel ICH7 onboard VGA (not using it) GMA 950 Audio: ACL883 LAN (no kext): Attansic (L1, L2?) CPU: Core 2 Duo E4500 2,2 RAM: 2Gb GRAPHICS: Nvidia 8500 GT 512Mb PCI LAN: (currently) 3com 905TX HDDs 1 SATA II & ATA NOTE: I recently found 2 attlansic packages that I hope they work.. I'll try them tonight. But think the problem still needs some consideration.
  5. network card doesn't work after first boot iPC 10.5.6

    anybody? pleas? reading the iPC topic someone have a similar issue with an intel VE100 i think? but in that case installing new kext seems to solve the problen.. not in y case.. suggestions? or anywhere to keep reading?
  6. network card doesn't work after first boot iPC 10.5.6

    yes.. I try with both cards. Also try deactivate de card, reboot and reactivet it but nothing happends. And if I remove it from the preference it'll never show up againg. I try swap cards after the reboot and none of them work. The card are fine.. I'n now on iAtkos 10.5.5... they run ok thx
  7. OK, here's the thing.. couse I have my onboard ethernet not suported I install an additional one, 2 actually first a 3com 905tc later a Realtek 8193. Both of them work fine.. and they did but just until the first boot.. afteter that, the en0 shows on preferences but with "network cable disconnected". I tryed different drivers.. none. Some "trick" that I found here.. nothing. Reinstall with different options (at least 15 times over the weekend).. nothing. Any Ideas? Everything else work PERFECTLY and kinda want the 10.5.6 for the new apps. Don't think it's a kext issue.. becouse they did work the first time. thx