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  1. Hi, im new here, might be my first post. I had Kalyway 10.5.2 running on my P5q Pro but choose to remove it until i got a new nic that would work. anyway. I found a good guide (on insanely mac of course =) to install the retail version of osx on my board. (I DO own the original retail as well as a MBP) My question is: What exactly is/does chameleon and PC-EFI v9 ?? I know they are bootlaoders, does that mean they are comparable to a minilinux booting into OSX? What do i use them for? Are they an alternative to boot132? I like the screens that i have seen on the chameleon blog =) Can i use that to set up a dualboot system with Vista(already installed) and OSX? Would be great to boot into something like the original apple bootloader (i mean the screen where you can hold alt to boot into your bootcamp windows =) Im a frequent visitor at the forum but never found a good description of what it does (though i could probably read 1000 times how to install it Im really curious thanks for an answer! knusprig