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  1. REALTEK codec ID: Ox10EC0256 = ALC256 You need: AppleALC.kext + Lilu + CodecCommander + SSDT-ALC256.aml install CodecCommander to L/E or S/L/E remove all applehda patches in clover config Devices\Inject\Audio\13 boot with -lilubeta -alcbeta argument
  2. Thanks Chris ! Works marvellous on macOS High Sierra 10.13.3 and my (old) USB DLink DWA-120 rev.b1 (RT2870)
  3. Flawless update to 10.13.3 (Combo) here and GTX970 working with latest WebDriver-387. update: + cudadriver_387.128 ok too !
  4. WebDriver-387. drivers OK for me with GTX970
  5. CUDA 387.128 is out! (UPDATE 01/25/2018)

    CUDA 387.99 still working with latest 10.13.2 (17C205) and Nvidia Web Driver - 378. (GTX-970)
  6. I resolved my problem with a reinstall of 10.13.2 Combo update and 378. Thanks for all the suggestions ! "Anybody could need some help some time "....
  7. No i'm using HDMI or DVI Hoping the solution comes for me at the next update ..
  8. I tried it already Chriss ! (view post 969) modified SystemVersion.plist 17C89 -> 17C88 Installed also latest CUDA 387.99 update, could this interfere ?
  9. MT/RT USBWirelessDriver for High Sierra

    Version is out ! http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/299948-usb-wifi-updated-ralinkmediatek-rt2870-rt2770-rt3x7x-rt537x-rt5572/page-14?do=findComment&comment=2519714 https://github.com/chris1111/WIFI-Network-macOS-High-Sierra
  10. GetmacOS

    Very good idea. Thank you !
  11. HWSensors

    Yes of cours .. Yes, I repaired the link, thanks for mentioning Hervé or should I say Veïg ? !
  12. If you cut with Littlesnitch communications with Apple, you can't use updates, iCloud and Itunes anymore .... So use only a "Generic" Hackintosh serial !