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  1. internal card reader

    I have been following this thread trying to get my card reader working and I just wanted to give all of you a bit of a heads up on progress made by fgodfrey at the MyDellMini forum (SD Card Slot - Brainstroming a solution). fgodfrey is writing a driver for the JMicron card reader in the Dell Mini 9. But he says: Here are some other quotes from the discussion:
  2. Dell Inspiron Mini 9 ?

    First thanks for all your hard work in making this possible. I am going to swap out the wireless card in my Mini 9 with the Dell Wireless 1505 (an a/b/g/n card) that I had been using in my Mac Mini. Since this is currently in my Mac Mini (a real Mac), I know that this works on a Mac out of the box. I also know that it works in the Dell Mini 9 in XP. So I have no worries that it will work out of the box when I install everything. My question is this: What extensions are not necessary since I will not use the stock card? Can I take out the IO80211Family.kext, burn the iso as I have modified it, and run Type11's Miniscript? Also, which other kext should I take out that were modified for the stock wireless card? Sorry, for being a pain but I want the minimum in modifications, but that will still allow me to have your level of success. Thanks again for you help.