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  1. Hi First of all I must say that English it's not my main language, so forgive me for any mistakes in my writing Well I've managed toi install Snow Leopard on my macbook pro 2012 MD101 ivy brigde core i5, Why Snow Leopard? because I need that OS to run Protools HD9 and because for me it's way better than Lion and ML (but that's a personal opinion so I dont mean to argue about that) The thing is that I've found a way to install SL on this mac, Even so that many people told me it's not possible because the snow leopard kernel and all... Well I'll explain how I did it: 1) I conect the macbook pro to my hackintosh in target mode (pressing "T" on boot) 2) I restore the OSX drive of my hackinghtosh ( core i7 950 / Gigabyte x58a-ud5/ 6 Gb OZC ram / Nvidia GTX 275) to the harddrive of the macbook pro 3) After restoration ends, I explore the macbook pro restored osx partition and delete the "mach_kernel" file and replace it with this one http://www.osx86.net...d_10.6._...html 4) I delete the "extra" folder in the restored osx partition of the macbook 5) reboot and booted to snow leopard with no problems or KP 6) Install AppleHDA, IOAudio2Family and IOAudioFamily kexts that I extracted using pacifist from this update http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1542 to enable audio and well almost everything's perfect, SL undertand the cpu model, cores, frequency, ram, etc. THE ONLY PROBLEM... it's the intel HD4000 video... it's not recognized I mean I have image and all, but no Acceleration and the most important thing for me... I can't use the mini display port for conecting an external monitor to the macbook That's why I post here, to ask if anyone can help me in this, I searched everywhere but I could not find guides or any post of someone doing the same thing
  2. hi guys i'm a noob in this subject but i tried everything to install Leopard...i have no problems installing it...he problem it's booting the sistem without the dvd... i tried almost all combination of patches and all from the IATKOS V4i ....then i read that my mobo should be configured in AHCI mode when i did this...it boot from the HDD and all was fine....but i dont want to have it installed just for luck...i wanted to know how i made it i tried reinstall and got the boot.apple.com problem ...i disable AHCI and the installer start with no problems....i reinstall it...reboot...activate the AHCI mode...and now it wont boot from the HDD..apears a list of the two disk partitions...and when i try to boot from leopard...nothing hapens...when i tipe -v or -x or-s nothing happens i try to install it on the 80 gigs HDD...in a 40 gigs partiotion...the other i wish to save it for xp... i tried everythhing XD...all types of configurations...change the drives order...the partition...the format.... made the partiotion active from terminal...i been two weeek reading and trying if anyone can give me some help XD a few details for my mobo: (in my signature is my system details) 1. Northbridge: Intel® P965 Express Chipset 2. Southbridge: Intel® ICH8R 3. Gigabit LAN Controller (Marvell 8053) 4. Realtek ALC888DD 8-Channel Audio Codec