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  1. Hello i have been searching on google and found this by intel http://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/i...allation-guide/ is this a misunderstanding or does this really enable intel to run mac os x?
  2. mdwmgw

    how to enable onboard graphics card

    hello, i have a dell deminsion e510 and i was wondering if there is a way to enable my onboard graphics card for leopard. iv checked my bios and it is very restrictive i see no options whatsoever to enable the onboard graphics card. can you unplug the other card or can i flash update my bios? thanks for your help!
  3. does any one have mac os x developer preview 2 thanks !
  4. you are all wrong they are throwing out ppc the beta even doesnet support ppc
  5. this may be becuse they are switching to intel and are integrating a new filesystem
  6. mdwmgw

    nvidia 7150m/mcp67m

    hello to all i have your solution for NIVIDIA 7150m for quartz extreme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! got to this site and download it! http://######.com/index.php?option=...9&Itemid=48 WARNING!do not take the ui installer out of its package or it will resault in kernal panic select the graphics card you prefer then hit add string it supports over 50 graphics cards!
  7. mdwmgw

    10.5.2 on HP pavillion DV6810us

    hello a long time ago i fixed it here is really the proper way to install on this pc first MAKE SURE IT IS A IATKOS V4A install disc then u need a usb hardrive next THE VOLUME NAME CANNOT HAVE A SPACE IN IT select your usb hard drive then hit customize and select the 9.0.2 TOH KERNAL this is vital then install and your done ! also you need to buy a usb wifi card in ebay just type usb airport card there are only 20 bucks then your finished and there you go you have a full working hackbook email me if you have any qustions
  8. hello, today i will tell you how to install mac os x on a hp pavilion dv6810 us! materials 1.iatkos v4a install disc 2.external usb hard drive (internal hard drive doesen't work) ok so let's get started! 1.boot the install disc with the -v command 2.erase your USB hard drive format it as mac os x extended journaled 3custimize installation THIS IS VITAL SELECT THE (9.0.2 TOH KERNAL) AND NOTHING ELSE!!!!!!!! 4.wait 10-20 minutes for the install 5.reboot and enjoy!!!!!!! NOTES 1.here is were you doanload the install disc ------------- MOD EDIT: Torrent link REMOVED!!! ------------- copy link paste in web browser 2.internet does not work go to ebay.com and type in usb airport card 3.sound doesent work got to ebay and type in USB speakers for mac 4.you also have to buy a USB hard drive! unfortionitly we do not have graphics card support. if i find a fix i will post on form POST ALL QUESTIONS ON FORM PLEASE
  9. is ubuntu downloaded directly from the distributer or is it a torrent if torrent then some one may have altered it for their own settings
  10. hello this will help with your problem http://support.apple.com/kb/TA22236?viewlocale=en_US
  11. mdwmgw

    Quartz extreme not supported

    iv already tried google
  12. hello Quartz extreme is not supported in leopard here is my graphics card NIVIDIA GeForce Go 7150M please help and thanks for your support!
  13. mdwmgw

    hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    hello i finally got os x running but my wifi isnt working are there any patches or hacks for atheos 5007eg that is my card are there any drivers?
  14. mdwmgw

    10.5.2 on HP pavillion DV6810us

    i installed mac os x leopard on a usb device i have the same computer but when i tried to boot with -v after a wile it came up and said vesion not yet set darwin kernal version 9.0.2 thats all it would do if anyone has got this working on this type of computer please tell me what hacked version of mac os x leopard they used
  15. mdwmgw

    hp Pavilion dv6000 series AMD

    i have a hppavilion dv6810us the installer wont recignize my hard drives on ideneb or iatkos v4a any kexts i could use to make the installer reqignize my hard drive? also do you think a usb hard drive will work? all help will be appriciated thanks please pm me