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  1. the one i gave you a few posts ago. after installing it, does a "TrackPad" panel come up in the system preferences?
  2. yes, yes, i did something like that. though it has been a while (look at the date of it), so i'm not 100% what i did. I usually write stuff down how i do stuff so i have to dig around to find it and i'll get back to you on it
  3. yes, i have tap-to click working. i don't have two finger scroll, but i have the side part working (putting your finger on the right side or bottom to scroll). They both work even after sleep, and i do not have the prefpane. i got it working by modifying the a few kexts inside the voodooPS2controller. at the moment, i cannot recollect what i did, but i will look into it this weekend
  4. http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=355 use this voodoohda for the sleep problem works fine after sleep as for the trackpad problem..i'll give you a copy of mine that works for me http://www.mediafire.com/?2gvjyjuzntq
  5. Hey Guys! Sorry, been really busy lately...really busy I updated the links and luckily had the OSInstall.mpkg on my computer before that site that originally had it went down. So I uploaded it to mediafire Also, 10.6.3 is really easy update, just like the real thing Thanks again guys, M0000000000
  6. that's weird..mines the same exact and it works perfectly fine out of the box
  7. OSXRestart.kext

    thanks! works for vostro 1400!
  8. i'm using the vostro 1400 with dual core it may work, i'm not 100% because i don't have it 64 bit and 32 bit both for for me but for 64 bit the AppleIntelCPUPower...kext needs to be deleted because the NullCPU...kext only works in 32 bit
  9. try partitioning your harddrive and give it a go! if you need a partitioner one that's always worked well for me is Gparted the motherboard is intel so it should be alright with the vanilla kernal
  10. no idea..you're gonna have to tell me what else the KP says try booting it without the kernal flag.. just delete the "arch=i386" from it nope..sorry i don't even have shutdown or sleep
  11. no it's not 100% functional sleep doesn't work, it'll go to sleep but then wake up again making some noise from the DVD drive. shutdown/restart doesn't work, the openhaltrestart.kext doesn't work for me also it seems that software update doesn't really work..it always says that the software is up to date.. and i'm sorry, but what is x3100 video??
  12. arch=i386 means the 32bit mode, i use it and it enables everything. instead of having to type it in everytime you can edit com.apple.Boot.plist file add this into it <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string>arch=i386</string> as for graphics, it doesn't say anything about support in the system profiler, but yes i have the semi-transparent menu bar at top and also when i add widgets, there is a wave thing
  13. yeah the wave works fine when adding a widget, i don't even remember what i installed, i'm pretty sure it was a nvinject kext. the graphics are fast/great, the same as it was in leopard for me, and i can't even tell the difference. i wouldn't depend on deliriumhappy, he pmed me quite a bit earlier asking for help then he suddenly dropped off earth. i'll look aroudn to see if i can find that one nvinject kext, but try updating to 10.6.1
  14. My Computer Specs: -Dell Vostro 1400 -Intel Core 2 Duo -T5270 at 1.40GHz -2.00GB of RAM -Chipset: Intel PM965 -Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS 128mb http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=54737 use that for battery graphics i have the same as you..i don't know if QE/CI is supported but everything is extremely fast for me, did you update to 10.6.1, i read that somewhere it maybe help. heres mine