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  1. Hi guys! I have a new Compaq Mini 311 (same as the HP Mini 311) and I'm trying to install Mac OS X 10.5.8 on it vanilla retail using my DVD that I bought from the Apple Store. Boot 132 works fine, I boot up Boot 132, press enter, take the DVD out and put my Leopard retail DVD in then hit enter, it does something with kexts or some another then it reboots and just takes me back to the BIOS Post screen. Any ideas? Thanks
  2. Modified boot-132 Bootloader

    I load the Boot132 DVD, press enter, take the DVD out, put my Retail Leopard disc in and press enter and it does something then basically reboots and takes me back to the BIOS boot up screen... Any ideas?
  3. HP Mini 311 - Support Questions/Requests

    Hey there, I'm not interested in Snow Leopard, only Leopard and I was just wondering what distribution of Leopard should I use on my Compaq Mini 311c? iATKOS, iDeneb etc... or, is vanilla possible? Only reason I don't want Snow Leopard is because of the lack of wi-fi support and I'd just prefer Leopard (at this time) so if anyone could reply asap with what I'd need to do, that'd be great
  4. Compaq Mini 311c

    Hey there, I want to run Leopard (NOT Snow Leopard!) on my Compaq Mini 311c but really can't find any guides, although I've looked around the forum and people seem to say that WiFi works fine etc, but I just want to make sure before going ahead. Just to clarify as well, is this able to run vanilla or a patched version (iDeneb) etc? Also, will I need additional kext's etc? Thanks if you can help
  5. Retail and NVIDIA 7300LE

    No one?
  6. Retail and NVIDIA 7300LE

    I've tried. I've tried EFI string, other injectors etc, but they give me a Black screen and the little cursor in the left with another spinny pinwheel cursor
  7. It says my drive is Removable and all my hot files are coming up.
  8. Done, A total of 4486 Hot Files are being tracked.
  9. Retail and NVIDIA 7300LE

    Extra sorry to bump; call me a noob or what ever, but I'm still trying to figure out why Retail doesn't want my EFI string or the IOProbeScore set to 0 in NVinject, yet iATKOS will take it... Black screen, cursor and spinny pinwheel :S Surely not right?
  10. Partition frustration

    Sorted! Thanks Beerkex'd and SticMAC. Really helpful. Just got one more issue to solve and I'm done for a century.
  11. Partition frustration

    GUID my drive is also not Journaled
  12. Partition frustration

    Nope. can't...
  13. Partition frustration

    Yes, and It wont let me resize, or drag any dividers, coz there aren't any.
  14. Partition frustration

    Hey, when I installed Mac OS X 10.5.7 retail, I installed on a 30G partition, so now I'm stuck with about 20GB left and another Partition with the rest of my space on! Is there anyway to fill up the space so I can get the whole space? I do not want to format, uninstall or delete my current partition. Thanks.
  15. how to get 8600gts working qe/ci on 10.5.7 vanilla

    I can't QE/CI on my 7300LE in 10.5.7, so it could be 10.5.7? I'm using NVinject, but I still can't get QE/CI.