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  1. Bugs: 1. The card I have is the Sapphire 100287L HD 5670 512MB card, purchased from Newegg. It is discontinued, unfortunately. 2. I don't want any more kext masturbation for a while. I just want to use the computer, and I seriously doubt that the 5670 would work with 3 mon out of the box under Lion. 3. I had purchased the 5670 for its Windows triple mon capabilities - I just lucked out stumbling onto this thread outlining the exact way to make it work under OSX. If I was going to buy a card specifically for OSX, there are a lot of folks on these forums think the Gigabyte HD 6850 1GB card is the one to get. That is the card I just sent back after I got my 5670 to work. It will probably still require some FB editing to get it perfect, unless it works OOTB w/Lion. I don't know that. 4. Everything I did to make my card work is detailed in the first post of this thread. OP Bcc9 did all the heavy lifting for us. I ended up with the exact same edits he outlined. Since all of my edits were concerned with the Uakari FB on 10.6.8, I don't think my exact files would do you any good unless you had the exact video card I have. Unfortunately, you are going to have to get an Eyefinity-capable card to reach the triple monitor 'Holy Grail' on OSX, and are probably going to have to do some kext/FB editing to make it work perfectly. Re-read the first post, and chase other similar posts. The Gigabyte 6850 card I had is approx. $170 on Newegg. That might be a good place to start. It can be done. Now, I'm done. Thanks, Larry
  2. Bugs: I originally bought the 5670 2 yrs ago because it was among the lowest cost multiple-monitor capable cards I could find when I transitioned to Win7 from XP. My old card, a Matrox Parhelia, had no drivers available beyond XP. The 5670 card I have is 'Eyefinity' capable, and has DVI/HDMI and DP connectors on it - no VGA, and I have had 3 monitors in Win7 from the start, just using the latest ATI/AMD drivers and Catalyst software - no mods of any kind necessary. I did need to buy an active displayport-to-DVI adapter, as the DP port MUST be used for one of the 3 monitors in Eyefinity mode. If your card does not support Eyefinity, you probably won't be able to get more than 2 displays working at once. YMMV - I haven't had any experience with a non-Eyefinity ATI card - sorry. In AVLinux, there is a special scripted boot mode available which allows the installation of 3rd party Gfx drivers. I just ran that, it found the ATI card, downloaded and installed the drivers from ATI/AMD, and after some juggling with settings in the Linux version of Catalyst, I had all of my monitors working, at the same time. This was actually much easier than fixing the FB settings in OSX - no coding of any kind... The drivers I am using for W7 and AVL are the Catalyst 12.3 drivers available at AMD.com. I am triple-booting using the Grub2 boot mechanism from ALinux. Regarding sleep - I do not use any sleep modes on this PC, as it is my A/V edit box, so I can't tell you how the system comes back from sleep. I generally turn the PC off overnight, and the only screensaving setup I use is to set the monitors to turn off after an hour of no use. Wiggling the mouse brings all screens back - no issues. My system is very stable. Last night, I left it overnight running under OSX rendering an HD video clip, and there were no issues when I returned this morning. Good luck - I am not an expert in this stuff - I just wanted to post here to express my thanks to the experts here and on tonymac that led me to have success. Now I am going to run some more backups, and try to forget what a framebuffer is!!! (no, I won't be upgrading to Lion anytime soon...) Larry
  3. I know I am late to this thread, but I want to thank bcc9 for his knowledge. I have a Sapphire 5670, on a Gigabyte P35 MB w/ a Q9550 CPU, running SL 10.6.8, and had been running into a wall of frustration trying to get triple monitors working, thinking all I needed was the proper framebuffer. After trolling seemingly thousands of posts in both this forum and tonymacs, I had even gone so far as to buy a 'golden' Gigabyte 6850 card, thinking it would be the answer. When all I got out of that card was dual monitors, I finally started searching for framebuffer code mods to fix that card, and stumbled on to this thread. His documentation of the steps he took to fix everything for his 5670 pushed me to try to fix my 5670, and after a couple of attempts, including one error that forced me to re-install the OS from scratch, I have achieved success! I now have 2-22" LCDs and a 32" 720p HDTV monitor attached to my 5670, with full QE/CI. Thanks very much - I am going to be able to send the 6850 back for a refund, since the 5670 fills my needs. ...and I have a triple boot system, w/ W764 SP1, OSX SL 10.6.8, and AVLinux 5.03 on separate drives, all with 3 monitor desktops after these mods. Larry Upton
  4. AppleHDA Patcher Results

    Computer Type: Dell Precision 390 Sound Card Vendor: Sigmatel Sound Card Model STAC9200 System: Leo 10.5.5 Working: "Internal Speakers" aka the green line out on the rear panel not tested: "Mic In" which shows up in System Preferences/Sound No Built-In Audio shows up in System Profiler, but the playback works - that's all I care about... Used AppleHDAPatcher 1.20, and this codec dump: codec_dump.txt This was a long and winding road for an OSX noob... Thanks, Larry Upton
  5. Ardour on Hackintosh?

    Success - I had to install Leopard (I used the iATKOS V5 install - worked the first time on the Dell 390) and then Ardour came right up after its install. Leo seems much more clean and stable on this machine, also. I was having graphics tearing/corruption problems before. Thanks. Larry Upton
  6. Ardour on Hackintosh?

    Update: No, this library is not in /usr/lib/ I ran 'ls' in Terminal, and only previous versions came up. Do I have to go to Leo to get this? And if I do, what is the best version of Leo for a Dell 390? Thanks.
  7. Ardour on Hackintosh?

    Thanks, but shouldn't Spotlight find this? I will try looking again later, as I am not posting this from the OSX box.
  8. Ardour on Hackintosh?

    Trying to run Ardour 2.7, OSX version on my XxX 10.4.11 Dell 390, and it won't start. Ardour site says I am probably missing a library file called libcurl1.4, or something like that. A Spotlight search shows no such file on my PC. I heard that running Apple updates will crash the OS install - is this the only way to get this file? or am I out of luck, or just being a stupid newbie? Thanks for your help.