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  1. I'm having weird problems under Windows XP on my new MB (Al case, 2.4Ghz) with 1.0.04 The 'macbook keyboard settings' option doesn't appear, and when I load the 'macbook settings', the laptop appears to freeze up. Is anybody else seeing this? ---UPDATE--- Found out some of the BootCamp drivers hadn't left the room, working better now. Fan control doesn't seem to do anything, and it doesn't appear to be reading the light sensor. Screen and Keyboard backlight control works though. Nuts, would be nice to be able to control automatically.
  2. Whew. Took a lot of searching, found a copy of 1.0.4 cached on a russian site. I've scanned it for viruses (and am using on my new MB) but no guarantees. Mirror: http://sdkck.com/InputRemapper_1_0_04_Release.exe