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  1. No problem at all with Soft Update. Reapplying Macpro4.1 and all working properly. Sleep, Restart, ShutDown, Temps etc..
  2. Soft Raid configuration, Ga-EX58-UD5 with Bios rev. F10 (i7-950@4.3Ghz, MacPro4.1.plist, C2rc4) working fine with dood's DSDT.aml from 1st post. (Sleep, restart, shutdown, all are ok). ThanX again DooD !!
  3. AFP Connection Problems

    Try to delete /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/com.apple.network.identification.plist and /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/NetworkInterfaces.plist (as JeanLuc7 propose) (keep a copy on your desktop) Reboot, Goto System Preferences --> Network and Voila , new network interfaces and AFP, Frontrow, etc.. all of them functions well.
  4. Wake from sleep is instant without any KP. Geekbench is free version. I always follow Gigabyte procedures when flashing bios. Overclocking made step by step (5-10 mins from one step to another).
  5. Playing alot with F9e & F9m bios, Sleep working again. Steps that i follow : 1. Flashing older F9e Bios 2. Using older & newer dsdt.aml (from dood's 1st post), sleep wasn't working. 3. Flashing newer bios again (F9m) 4. Using newer dsdt.aml and after some reboots, sleep wasn't working .... 5. Pressing CLEAR CMOS button 2-3 times ---> Sleep is working . Some times, when BCLK is greater than 185 Mhz, turbo ratios 1112 are not enabled. Sleep still working ... But if Intel Turbo .. is disabled, turbo ratios are always enabled and sleep still working (without any KP since morning) if Intel turbo boost is enabled, sleep still working ... anyway .... Actually i think that Clear Cmos button is the magic button in the whole story. /E/E folder contains : Alc889a, Evoreboot, fakesmc, JmicronAta Cham V2 Rc4, modified MacPro4.1plist, DooD's dsdt for i7 950, 64bit EDIT : Ambient Temp ~20 C, Idle Temp 27-32 C, Running Mprime for ~10 mins, Stress Temp <80 C. These are my current Bios Values : BCLK 180 - 195 X23 or X24 All power management values enabled, Qpi Clock X36, Uncore Clock Ratio X16 Isochronous support Enabled, Cpu Clock Drive 700mV PCI-E clock Drive 700mV Load Line Calibration Enabled DVID +0.15625 V Pc Health Status Bios Vcore ~ 1.396 V All other Values AUTO (I think ) GeekBench 64bit 14000 - 14600 DooD, Thanks Again for your great work !
  6. Here is my ssdt.aml (extracted by DSDTSE.app) all bios settings normal, c1e, c3,c6,c7 disabled I have some Ebios read errors without dsdt (4 errors, controller or device error, block 0x0 sectors 0x0), caused by chameleon V2 rc4 incompatibility with my raid config, i think . Edit: ebios errors caused by an hdd that failed (with win7 64bit ) without dsdt i couldn't boot using cham v2 rc4 and c3/c6.. etc enabled. dsdt_i7_950_normal_c1e_c3_c6_c7_disabled.dsl.zip ssdt_i7_950_all_normal.dsl.zip
  7. Using F9m and BCLK 190 with unlocked 24X , bios shows 4.56 Ghz (i7 950) but about this mac shows 4.30 Ghz and system Profiler 4.37 Ghz System wakes up from sleep without any KP -64bit- (until now)... I'm using DVID (+0.16875) Temperatures are much BETTER now. (27 - 33 C) !!!! before was: (36-38 C) Ambient Temp ~ 20 C Dood, i'm still using your processor values on my DSDT
  8. 4.25 Ghz with 185BCLK, 4.36 with 190 BCLK, standard 23 multiplier. I'm using your DSDT values for i7 920. I'd like, these days, to modify DSDT with correct values from 950's SSDT. Last time i used MSR tools, i ***cked up my raid configuration, but i'm ready to do this again I'll report back in a few days
  9. Dood, ThankX alot for your excellent guide ! Already running the following system (full 64bit 10.6.2) Ga-Ex58ud5 (bios F9e) Intel i7 950 @ 4.25 – 4.36 Ghz, Nvidia GTX9800+ qe/ci, All power management features and intel turbo boost are enable Software Raid (2 disks, strip mode) Chameleon V2 RC4 Sleep, restart, shutdown are ultra fast. Dsdt has only processor, audio and power button patch. /extra folder on boot partition of raid slices has : ALC889a, fakesmc, openhaltrestart_1.0.3, PlatformUUID. /S/L/E is totally native except macpro4.1 patch Bonjour is fully working . Temperatures are : idle (36-38) C (before patches was 42-48 C) Mprime 82-88 C (running for 40 mins) Ambient temp ~ 20 C Coolermaster V10
  10. ThanX alot. no more KP on 10.2 Kernel !
  11. Following these instructions mouse lag is gone. 9800gtx+ QuickTime™ Version 7.6.0 (1290) thank you !
  12. Cinebench Benchmark Results Thread

    These are my results. OSx 10.5.5 Gigabyte EP45-Extreme, 2X2g ddr2 ram Intel Q9550 @ 3.71GHz, air cooled with CoolerMaster's HyperTX2 GeForce 9800 gtx 512mb CINEBENCH R10 **************************************************** Tester : swtos Processor : Q9550@3.71Ghz MHz : 3710 mhz Number of CPUs : 4 Operating System : OS X 32 BIT 10.5.5 Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+ OpenGL Engine Resolution : 1280X1024 Color Depth : 32bit **************************************************** Rendering (Single CPU): 4297 CB-CPU Rendering (Multiple CPU): 14564 CB-CPU Multiprocessor Speedup: 3.39 Shading (OpenGL Standard) : 8268 CB-GFX **************************************************** Update : CINEBENCH R10 **************************************************** Tester : swtos Processor : Q9550@3.86Ghz MHz : 3860 mhz Number of CPUs : 4 Operating System : OS X 32 BIT 10.5.5 Graphics Card : NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX/9800 GTX+ OpenGL Engine Resolution : 1280X1024 Color Depth : 32bit **************************************************** Rendering (Single CPU): 4479 CB-CPU Rendering (Multiple CPU): 15333 CB-CPU Multiprocessor Speedup: 3.42 Shading (OpenGL Standard) : 8766 CB-GFX **************************************************** Cheers !