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  1. Success Yosemite 10.10 on 3 desktops

    1. Yes, disk partition scheme, is it MBR or GPT? It's important, as far as I know, but I had to move to MBR a day ago, maybe that's the problem... 2. Does this framebuffer actually suit your card? Futomaki = DP DP DVI-DL HDMI, do u actually have same ports\layout? 3. There is no Pitcairn framebuffer in AMD7(6)000Controller.kext. Weird thing though, when I dump VBIOS with GPU-Z under windows it actually calls the resulting file "Pitcairn"... 4. I see "Inject VBIOS" turned on in your config, did you provide dumped vbios to clover?
  2. Success Yosemite 10.10 on 3 desktops

    Did u use GTP with clover to start 7870 config? I can't get thru grey screen with spining ball cursor.
  3. opemu_sinetek GraphicsEnabler=No USBBusFix=YES -v -f (Chameleon v2.2, gonna try other boot loaders for testing now) Almost everything works, except ATI glitches, but they are almost at minimum. QE/CI works. May be I don't understand smth, but how can QE/CI work without GE and specifying a frame buffer? Sinetek, what did you change to minimize the glitches? Do you and bronya have any CVS shared so we could follow your commits and take a part? I would love to contribute
  4. Please translate your posts to ENG so we could follow...
  5. I would like to help testing. I have AMD FX-8320 (Vishera). What kernel can I help testing?
  6. What's the situation with ATI 7xxx glitches on 10.8.3(4) with AMD kernels? I've managed to startup, get QE\CI, but everything was messed up. Thing is, that in kernel database we can see a Sinetek DP1 Kernel wich says ATI glitches is gone. First of all it seems to me it's not a latest kernel made by Sinetek, and for me it doesn't work - it automagicaly restarts right after running thru kexts (-f). Maybe it needs a busratio flag? But on my FX8320 multiplier is jumping from 10 to 20 and I can't find the freq of external clock. I've tried to made my own research. I have 10.9DP5 installed on a macbook and there I have AMD***.kexts in /S/L/E. AMDSupport.kext, AMD7000Controller.kext, etc. Notice, that 10.8.3 brings ATI7000Controller.kext, which itself contains AMD7000Controller.kext inside of it. I figured, that replacing AMD* inside of ATI* is useless and just decided to remove all ATI* kexts I could find and replace it with AMD* ones from 10.9. Well. Ok. AMD7000Controller needs AMDSupport.kext which is linked against new build of IOKit framework. It needs two updated classes. IOService and IOsomethingIForgot. I figured I'm to lazy for replacing just a binary and decided to replace the whole IOKit.framework and Kernel.framework (IOService.h is located inside Kernel.framework. Wtf?) + some of the private frameworks like GraphicsSupport.framework, etc. AMDSupport.kext was ok after that, but Kernel.framework was not - it couldn't find symbols inside /usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib. Alright, let's replace that one! .... Stuck on swapon success. Can't get into single user mode too. Reinstalling the system at the moment of writing. So, if AMD*.kext stuff is a bad idea, how can Sinetek kernel be started with FX8320? Patched kernel is the source of ATI cards glitches, so we need other kernel modules for ATI (that I was trying to achive), or a better patch And where are the sources? EDIT: Had a whole day to read this thread. Using Brorc3 kernel now. ATI artifacts are on their place. Where could the problem be? How to determine where problem is located? I can't see any logs about it. Using clover loader brings a black screen, rotate trick doesn't work there. Should a different framebuffer help? Where is the catch?

    Получилось пройти дальше синглоюзверь мода? Вообще на сколько это возможно запустить последующую версию мака с ядром от предыдущего? Может проверить на интелах? Я могу воткнуть в макбук старый mach_kernel, у меня сейчас 10.9, ну, если есть смысл. Have you managed to pass through singleuser mode? Is it even possible to startup a new macosx with a kernel of an old one? Maybe we should check this on intel? I can replace a mach_kernel on my macbook, I have 10.9 set up and running.
  8. D-Link Shareport for Mac

    I know, topic is quite old, but still. 10.7, DLink-628 1.24RU\WW A2. Shareport (SX Virtual Link) version is 1.0.1 (3.6.0) and SXUPTP version 1.5.2. App starts, and don't see any shareport services. Any help?
  9. voodoowireless

    Hey there. I've heard that there is a working (not pretty, but still) driver around. More then that - i've got it... But it asks for voodoowireless.kext. Here is where i've found it: http://projectcamphor.mercurysquad.com/ Situation is, there is two ver of it: bugged and fixed. Bugged comes with two needed kext's along with it self in zip. Fixed one just floats in net. So i have fixed one, but the link for zip with required kexts is broken! >_< Help someone! Maybe it's just my provider blocks server or whatever! I want wi-fi >_< Thx.
  10. Mercurysquad Voodoo3945 Troubleshoot

    I need VoodooWireless.kext . Could someone share it, pls? =)
  11. Hey there =) Will there ever be a driver for Audigy SE?...
  12. NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2

    I didn't get why my post was removed (oO). I have same device id, rom and devision id as on screenshot on the first topic. (one card). I used now a EFI manual for 9800 here http://aquamac.proboards.com/index.cgi?boa...&thread=509 No injectors. I got my resolution, but still no QE (
  13. Hi everyone. I can't make my HP Pavilion dv2899er Artist go to sleep. It doesn't react on lid (it did on iAtkos i2 (upgraded to 10.5.6)) It sleeps and awakes momentally (it did slept ONCE. second time it didn't. logs were empty) I use iAtkos i5 (10.5.6, vanilla kernel) without efi. Logs: What is LANC HDEF?
  14. How-to Create a bootable ISO with Chameleon V2

    Mb it's a stupid question, but what exactly i must put in cdboot? What "binaries" ?
  15. I have HP Pavilion notebook. GPT. Mac 10.5.6. *** Report for internal hard disk *** Current GPT partition table: # Start LBA End LBA Type 1 40 409639 Unknown 2 409640 437371215 Mac OS X HFS+ 3 437371216 488392064 EFI System (FAT) Current MBR partition table: # A Start LBA End LBA Type 1 1 488397167 ee EFI Protective MBR contents: Boot Code: Unknown, but bootable Partition at LBA 40: Boot Code: None File System: ext3 Listed in GPT as partition 1, type Unknown Partition at LBA 409640: Boot Code: Unknown, but bootable File System: HFS Extended (HFS+) Listed in GPT as partition 2, type Mac OS X HFS+ Partition at LBA 437371216: Boot Code: None File System: HFS Extended (HFS+) Listed in GPT as partition 3, type EFI System (FAT) Why would i made GTP on Hack? I thought PCEFI won't run on MBR... My bad... I know. But it's more then half a year now, system is very stable. I don't want to remove it, noway. But i need XP here (for games only). As u can see i have 3 partition. GTP is messed up by gparted, which means that first and third partitions are not recognized, not mountable and not editable by diskutility. So i can't remove 'em, erase. What i need: A) Install on third one winXP and make it bootable (gparted freely do this job) Convert GTP to MBR back. C) Repair this damn GPT, remove this messed up partitions and resize second one on full drive. Is any of this possible? WinXP installator does not see GPT - only full, nonformated drive. rEFIt is not working (i install it but nothing changes - chameleon starts, not refit). I'm not afraid of messing boot - i have boot 132 disk.