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  1. Hi there. Can you asdvise any software which alerts me when I'm working on my Mac too long and says that my eyes need rest? I've heard of such apps for Windows, but can't find any for Mac. Some kind of eye control for Mac. Thanks in advance!
  2. New software releases

    2011 has already brought us a couple of fresh releases. Here are some of them. Power Manager 4.0.3 includes new developer tools http://www.mactech.com/2011/01/17/power-ma...developer-tools SyncMate 3 adds Android support http://www.mactech.com/2011/01/17/syncmate...android-support EasyDraw 3.4.6 adds expanded SVG import support http://www.mactech.com/2011/01/17/easydraw...rt-support-more
  3. Bundle from Intego - great apps inside

    maybe you should look for the same apps in other bundles? I've seen a lot of not so expensive bundles ($10-$15) - maybe there will be apps you are looking for.
  4. BBC iplayer License error

    I think so too. Did you update the version of player? I've read a thread in which user said that he has the same problems with TeamViewer after updating its version.
  5. office 2011 wont install

    and why not to contact their support and to ask about this bug? If you both have the same issue - this means it is not unique, maybe it is Office's glitch? If you are installing Office on compatible os's - it must work, if it doesn't - this is a nice reason to chat with Microsoft support representatives:)
  6. Is it possible to see which apps are already approved?
  7. office 2011 wont install

    seems like Office 2011 is compatible with 32-bit systems only, I guess this can be the reason of your problem. http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/10/06...2_bit_only.html
  8. Have just found a small note at Lifehacker about how iPad 2 will look like - sounds interesting:) http://www.tuaw.com/2010/12/23/ipad-2-rumored-to-have-flatter-backside-smaller-bezel-wide-ra/
  9. TUAW listed 4 apps your kids may be interested in - check them out http://tinyurl.com/2v9kzsr
  10. Apple Mail deleted my hotmail messages

    As far as I know you can export emails in .mbox format only and this format is recognized by Mail on Macs only. I'm not sure if this works, but here is the scheme: You can import emails from Mail into Entourage and after export them from Entourage - they will be saved with .rge extension. After this you will be able to convert them into .pst - just find a converter - I guess Google will help you:) .pst can be read by Outlook on your PC. Please, let me know if this helps.
  11. Mac media server.

    I can advise you to take a look at syncmate, this tool allows syncing your Mac with multiple devices - Androids are among them. You can request syncmate beta - it is ansolutely free and offers you more options than current version http://mac.eltima.com/sync-mac.htm
  12. Mac media server.

    do you want to sync your iTunes playlists in your Mac with any other devices? Which ones?
  13. How to remove a .pkg from Trash

    Try this: Right click on trash, press CMD and choose Secure Empty trash. Please, let me know if this helped.
  14. Apple Mail deleted my hotmail messages

    As far as I know you cannot return them to your hotmail account. Probably you've chosen an option of deleting emails after importing them on your Mac. The only solution I see is to resend them at your hotmail.com account from your Mac mail. Of course, dates will be messed, but at least you will have them in your hotmail inbox. HTH
  15. octane render

    maybe you should contact their support team directly? Here is their website http://www.refractivesoftware.com/ and here are emails info@refractivesoftware.com (General inquiries) nz@refractivesoftware.com (New Zealand) la@refractivesoftware.com (Los Angeles) Googd luck:)