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  1. After hours and hours of searching and reading. I have found the most effortless and effective solution to getting rid of the warning signs. Here it is. It's a simple script by another forum member, paulsat. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...5190&st=40#
  2. I guess that none of the stuff I mentioned above worked. I googled briefly and found this http://www.thoughtstuff.com/rme/weblog/?p=3#comments It's a sniff of xcode. I am not a programmer by any mean and I'm quote sure what to do with it... Can some one take a brief look at it? Thanks
  3. Here is the scenario. Every time I boot up OS X, I get "Disk Insertion. The disk you inserted was not readable by this computer' I have referred to this thread, which showed two methods on how to auto unmount Volumes. I have tried both methods mentioned in it but neither worked for me. The fact that the solutions provided in another thread did't work is that, the two disks that were not being recognized by OSX are on Intel RAID0 (RAID enabled in BIOS on P5K-E) and thus they cannot be mounted read. To those who are wondering how I was able to run OSX while having RAID enabled in BIOS, here is how. Basically, install OSX to a hard drive while turning AHCI mode in BIOS and after installation, update the driver for ICH10 in OSX (available in this thread), then change AHCI to RAID in BIOS. Here is my question. There is a command called, "diskutil unmountDisk force /dev/disk1" How do I run this command at OSX startup in an attempt to get rid of the Disk Insertion message? I have put this command in /Library/Management/login.sh as followed, #!/bin/bash diskutil unmountDisk force /dev/disk0 exit 0 I have also tried this, #!/bin/bash diskutil unmountDisk force /dev/disk0 exit 0 and this, #!/bin/bash eject /dev/disk0 exit 0 To date, none of these were able to get rid of the Disk Insertion message. Either I am doing something terribly wrong with login.sh hook or the only viable solution seemed like to switch RAID to AHCI in BIOS, which I prefer not having to do every time when I want to boot into OSX. Any thought would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Jack
  4. Has any one had any success running this board?? I did a search on forum and nothing came up... Thanks, Jack
  5. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6

    Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "only as Smart backup"? If you said yes that I can boot it off from the purple sata port (silicon image raid chip), why would anything else relevant in this case? I am a little confused. Thanks. Jack
  6. Gigabyte GA-EP45-DQ6

    Hi guys, I have a quick question. I am thinking about purchasing this board and was wondering, 1.) If I install OSX on a HDD that's hooked up to the purple SATA port (Silicon Image Sil5723), would it be able to boot into OSX? Thanks, Jack