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  1. .DMG

    Thank you!
  2. .DMG

    Thanks for the tip, but I've tried that with every program that I might work with DMG's and nothing works. If you could post the files that would be great!. I'll upload them, I hope it's not too much of a hassle. flashmount.dmg.zip Mail.appetizer_1.2beta4.dmg.zip SerialSeeker_1.2.6__8D_.dmg.zip Perian_0.5.dmg.zip
  3. .DMG

    Has anyone found a fix to this problem? Even after fixing my the about Mac issue the dmg problem still stands. I know there has to be a fix...
  4. .DMG

    Yes but heres the problem, I can't download that app because it's a DMG and right now my computer won't mount DMG's.
  5. .DMG

    Hey I tried to mount Flashmount with the mount.app But after minutes of waiting (it's a PPC app) it tells me the DMG may be corrupted and some other {censored}. So it looks like Mount is not going to work for people with this problem, well at least not with me. Could someone post the Flashmount app without the DMG and just the app that way I can get it working please?
  6. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    I've got iTunes Intel working on SSE2 with the newest Kernel, now I do have two problems: I can't play music that I bought due to a memory error with authorization, and my video iPod 5G shows up as a 3G iPod and I can't put any videos on there. The firmware is up to date and it works fine on my window machines.
  7. .DMG

    You guys aren't alone, I'm having the same exact problem: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...won't+mount I haven't found a fix, does anyone know of any software that converts DMG's to something else or a DMG file opener or something?
  8. DMG Won't Mount After Upgrade To 10.4.8

    I don't know if that'll kill your install but if you try it let me know what happend .
  9. DMG Won't Mount After Upgrade To 10.4.8

    Doesn't the new Jas DVD have the latest kernel? I have not ran any software updates, my comptuer is working fine despite the DMG problem so I don't won't to try anything risky and screw it up all over again.
  10. I can't seem to mount any DMG files since I have upgraded to 10.4.8, I used to be able to mount them just fine but I can't anymore! I get a device is not configured message. I've tried to repair permissions but nothing helps. I also tried some things I found on google but that isn't helping either. The only thing that might be related to this is the fact that my About Mac doesn't work, is that the problem? I'm running Jas 10.4.8 SSE2 8.8.1.
  11. 10.4.8 x86 nic issues

    I've tried to replace kexts in 10.4.8 with old ones and every time I make a change I get a kernel panic with the latest EXP V6. What am I doing wrong? I've only tried the IOPCIFamily.kext and the IO8211Family.kext Will it be safe to install the old IONetworking kext, or will I probably run into the same problem? I have an SSE2 system.
  12. 10.4.8 (99.5% pure) for SSE2 Install Guide

    I haven't tried this method yet but I have tried the others and my NETGEAR Wireless Card doesn't work in those intstalls. It's a WG511T, I don't want to do this method and then have my card not working. Why do we have to delete the IOPCIFAMILY kext? I wasn't deleting that kext before and my card would not work, is that the reason why this was happening? Last time I replaced the IO80211 and the IOPCIFAMILY kexts with the ones from 10.4.5 and my system ended up getting a kernal panic. Has anyone here got the WG511T to work in 10.4.8? Also how do I know what kexts do I need to replace and what not. I can tell you guys that when I do an install and select the wireless nic option my card doesn't work, and when I leave that unchecked it works fine. I also have to select the SoundBlaster USB Audio option for my sound to work. This is with the install DVD's.
  13. The Semthex 10.4.8 SSE2 install works great, I have working sound, QE, CI, and iTunes is blazing fast. But my Netgear WG511T card isn't working. I have reverted back to 10.4.6 because without internet my computer is useless. I don't know how I'm going to fix this. I found a thread last night about issues with 10.4.6, the card would not work in that version for this user (mine never gave me problems) and he posted 2 kexts from 10.4.5. They were the IOPCIFamily and the IO80211 kexts. I though this would fix my problem for sure but after I installed them and repaired permissions I would just get a kernel panic. I didn't know how I would fix that so I just went back to 10.4.7. I'm using the latest EXP 6 kernel. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated!
  14. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    The newest version of iTunes is out: 7.0.2, and no the universal app does not work on my computer. Man I thought that someone would have made a patch by now... I'm going to try the ditto trick... This is really getting annoying. I guess I'll have to live with this unitl I buy my Macbook for when I start college.
  15. iTunes 7 - Official Problem Thread

    Hmm, well I have a ATI Radeon 9800 SE 128MB with QE/CI however I do not have AGP enabled. That could be the problem? I don't have the time right now but I will look into the borisbadenov post and see if installing it will make iTunes work. Also my card worked out of the box, so if I need any patching it would be only for AGP support.