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  1. Thanks a bunch. Hmm what other hardware id's need to be modified or manually injected to restore functionality like sleep, graphics and etc? I tried a graphgics efi string but it says i have the card i specified but i still dont see full hardware accelleration. What about other devices like networking and wireless? (aassuming the current drivers i can obtain can support the hardware) Im just curious what properties and kexts have to be modified to get mac to fully recofnize my motherboard, chipset, graphics and other lower level devices. How would i also use the current smbios.plist and combine that EFI string with my grpahics and sound efi string?
  2. please help install ideneb 1.6 on pm55 laptop

    If the disc wont boot, you probably need the boot flag (press f8 and disc boot screen, select disc to boot to and press tab) and then enter busratio=12 cpus=8, and it should boot. I don't think you should need this for the new Hazard 10.6.6 SL distro, but it is still needed to boot from the disc, after install it works fine. Just don't select video injectors, sound fixes, cpu power management fixes, or usb fixes when you install it or it could lead to kernel panic. You can then clone the mac disc once you get it booted, then modify kexts and if you get a kernel panic, just restore the disc image. That wya you can save time and eliminate kexts that don't work or need to be modified with vender/model id's for the hardware in them.
  3. I have a Sony Vaio VPCF13YFX, i think you meant a Y instead of a P. My computer has all the same specs (i7 740QM processor) but has an nvidia geforce 425GM and a Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6250 AGN wifi card. ALC275 audio I have gotten my audio to work, but ethernet and wifi and graphics card are unrceognized. It also only sees 2gb (so only first stick in slots available?) and also my USB ports do not work, yet my keyboard and trackpad work fine. My "About this mac" screen causes the GUI to crash but it just reloads right away. And when my computer is on the fans go to full speed and the CPU runs hot like it is doing a lot of processes even if i am idling at the desktop. Powermanagement problem kext? i have no idea. I used hazard 10.6.6 intel distro and installed it using no audio/graphics options. I also have mac on a seperate partition dual booting win7x64 using windows bootloader and chamelion on the mac partition. I used EasyBCD for windows to add the entry to the windows boot loader. To boot Hazard distro i had to press f8 at main screen and enter "busratio=12 cpus=8" to boot it, otherwise it restarts quickly. i also have a problem with my audio even thought it works. Every time i boot up mac i hear a low faint hiss coming from my speakers, like its playing a small noise. Everytime it turns off i get a small pop sound. I think it is applying a voltage or reading the baseline level as being higher so it plays a low sound. how can i check/change this? Anybody else encounter this with ALC275 enabled with a VoodooHDA kext? (I found it online and i think they just edited the vender/model id's)
  4. to boot to the disc you have to use the boot arguments "busratio=12 cpus=8" to get it to boot. Busratio sets the bus speed or id im assuming, and cpus=8 sets the max cpu threads to be 8 (which is what the i7 wants from every OS). I used the hazard snow leopard 10.6.6intel install to get it to work (dont select any graphics or audio packages otherwise it wont boot because of kernel panics). I did not need to put "busratio=12 cpus=8" to boot mac after it installed though, but if it doesnt boot (restarts right away) then try that. Also use EasyBCD to add an entry to windows boot loader to another partition for mac. This will save countless hours of having to swap disc. After the first time of installing macosx86 i had to use startup repair from my win7 disc to set my windows partition as active. It does it automatically and changes a few partition numbers, but after that i could install and reinstall without using my windows disc. Make sure to select chamelion rc5 in the hazard customizations selection (and no kernel as i7 works on vanilla kernel) to get it installed right. I have a sony vaio VPCF13YFX if thats what you meant. mine has same specs as you mentioned, except it says i have an "Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6250 AGN" wireless card. I also have geforce 425m and a blue ray drive. My mobo seems to match yours as being Intel5 series. (so it wasnt affected by i7 sandy bridge recall as series 6 was). BTW i got ALC275 working from a kext i found online, they must have known what vender id and model id's to change in some kext. It does use VoodooHDA kext as a base tho, but hey it works (but still unsure if it is stereo, and surround sound)
  5. Marvell 88e8057 Kext

    I have tried to edit the Yukon2 kext to match the 88E8057 ethernet adapter using EditPad Lite, but it did not work. I changed the vender/model ID's i got from device manager in windows, and i even changed the yukon 2 name from .....53 to ......57 and also corrected the name in the info.plist file under IONetworkingFamily.kext. Have any of you got any ideas? EFI string? or is that only for Graphics? And what about a DSDT patch? I cannot get mac to recognize an ethernet card is installed. I have hazard snow leopard 10.6.6i and i got my ALC275 audio working. I have a sony VPCF13FYX with an i7 740QM board with nvidia 425m. I attached the kext for ALC275 if anybody needs it. VoodooHDA.kext.rar
  6. Sony Vaio VPCF115FM Discussion: DSDT Injection

    I have found that to enable ALC275 audio you can use this modified VoodooHDA kext. VoodooHDA KEXT I got a kernel panik when i installed, but it was probably from a permission error, but i restarted and it worked fine with sound. I am not sure if it supports full surround sound, but it supports the basic stereo output.
  7. iATKOS S3 v2 iso on VPCF13YFX install reboot error

    I eventually got macOSX 10.6.6 snow leopard going on this computer. It even boots without any command arguments. The only things i cannot get to work are: Marvell Yukon 8808E57 ethernet card (which seems to not be made yet or not well known) Hardware ID PCI\VEN_11AB&DEV_4380&SUBSYS_907A104D&REV_10 Nvidia Geforce GT 425m Hardware ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0DF0&SUBSYS_907A104D&REV_A1 (I have installed the Nvidia drivers from the site, and the Mac CUDA drivers but idk how to ensure it recognizes it to its full potential) Realtec Hi-Def audio Hardware ID PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0BEA&SUBSYS_907A104D&REV_A1 (I am unsure how to determine exact model, like ALC88 or whatever) Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6250 AGN Hardware ID PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_0087&SUBSYS_13018086&REV_5E ------------------------------------------- USB and keyboard worked when i selected the right kexts, ill post a kext list after my class, but at first it did not recognize the keyboard.
  8. I have a Sony Vaio VPCF13YFX laptop and am encountering a few problems in my install. I am used to installing and am a pretty good computer user, but am quite stuck when it comes to identifying errors that need to be changed on the Mac Os. My computer specs are: Nvidia Geforce GT 425M (1 GB DDR 3 Dedicted VRAM) Toshiba Sata Drive (640 GB) Mac parttition is 40 GB. 6 GB DDR3 Ram Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6250 AGN (wireless) Intel Yukon 88E8057 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller Intel Core i7 Q740 Nvidia High Def Audio / Realtec Hi Def Audio Intel 5 Series/3400 Series Chipset Family PCI Express Root Port Intel 82801 PCI Bridge - 2448 Intel 82802 Firmware Hub Device Intel PM55 Express Chipset LPC Interface Controller - 3B03 MOBO: Sony VPCF13YFX FSB: Intel QPI I have tried to boot to the iATKOS S3 v2, but at first it failed to even boot, and would restart. I have now tried to install (by using the "-v cpus=8 busratio=12" parameters) and i am not entireley sure what to select for my MOBO driver, and if i should use video enabler, or the NATIT.kext or the other enabler for nvidia and what other options i want to avoid. I have win7 alreday configured to boot to macOSX using Easy BCD and it recognizes chamelion 2 rc5 when I try to boot to it. I erase my Mac OSX partition (disk0s5), using Mac OSX extended (journaled) filesystem. I then use the menu to install chameleon bootloader onto the drive before continuing (yes selecting disk0s5) and then i go onto customizing my install. I choose the basic stuff that should be a no brainer for this setup, and choose the folowing packages and kexts: ----------------------------------------- No bootloader (because it is alreday installed and i have tried it using isnatlling default first entry or chameleon rc5 but to no avil) PS/2:Apple PS/2 Laptop: Battery and Card Reader NTFS-3G (to read my ntfs drives when i boot up) NVEnabler No wireless Yukon 88E8056 (closest to mine a smine ends in 57) ----------------------------------------- I get to about 3/4 done (bar is in middle under second leg of X logo) before it closes, displays a little bit of text and quickly reboots. I am not sure how i can see what kexts throw the failure of the install or what selections i Need to make / disable that i havent done so in my customizations. I heard that the i7 works on the vanilla kernel so i dont need a patched kernel, and my board has an intel chipset so it should work quite well out of the box. What do you guys suggest? Anybody else know of any suggestions or things i can try? I would prefer to install Snow Leopard rather than upgrading from leopard if i could (to avoid kext or other inconsistencies). I dont wnat to seem like a lazy person that doesnt want to solve problems on thier own, but i cannot find this information on google, and the only other thread with this hardware is on a diofferent make of this model so i'm kinda stuck for now. My Image and packages have been verified using the md5 checksum btw.
  9. bump? Anybody have any answers?
  10. XP/OS X: Missing operative system

    Try the gparted live cd, or use checkdsk on the partitions. Copy over the ntldr and re-expand hal.dll files from the xp cd. You cnanot copy hal.dll from another pc, as it coulod be differnet than yours, so just re-expand it at recovery console type: expand "CDdriveletter":\i386\hal.dl_ "windowsXpPartitionLetter":\windows\system32\ If it says protected then your bootloader may be corrupted, pointing to an invalid file, or your boot.ini isnt set correctly.
  11. Disk Utility Problem

    Check for the partitions are actually gone and re-write windows MBR, then reboot into the disc to get to diskutility.
  12. Boot Sector Problem

    Move the partition slightly to have gparted re-allign if it messed up b4, or try chkdsk on it. Repair the MBR try to hide/unhide it using some program.
  13. Tried to dual boot but didnt work

    The mac partition is in a different filesystem (HFS+) and windows doesnt natively support it. But if you try macdrive or gparted live cd you can see its still there. Copy chain0 manually to your vista partition, use a ntfs driver or etc for mac to copy it form mac, and then you have to tinker a little bit with the command to get it to work. I had to use macdrive 7 to get it to be recognized, macdrive has drivers for windows to understand the HFS+ filesystem. You can find a few macdrive "patches" online for winxp but a timeout patch for vista 64 bit, but i cant say where for legal reasons. Just look online. But macdrive is a good choice to access Mac partiton from windows. I know Iaktosi has realtek ethernet card drivers (kexts) and i backep up my kxts folder after installing and then i installed ideneb and just looked for random kexts i thought wopuld be it and it worked, i cannot remember which 1 it was tho, so you will have to try a few. I used OSx86 tools to backup kexts and other functions.