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  1. If anyone is still using this old board- [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] did the trick for me and I'm on lion 10.7.2.. Had to fix a few little things but it's pretty much perfect at this point.. Lemme know if you need more details.
  2. Anyone had any luck with 10.6.8? Haven't had probs w/ any of the other updates as long as sleepenabler is removed, but this one totally hosed my system- just comes up to a blank screen. Tried several boot options but nothing worked. Luckily I had just done a TM backup before installing it, so I reverted back. Also- anyone know if this board will be "Lion-ready"? especially given the fact that I'm running an Allendale E2200 (dual core, but not core 2)- and an older geforce 6600 GT. Thanks
  3. Anyone else have this happen (I wouldn't necessarily call this a problem- just interesting).. That is, the dvd drive randomly spins up as if the OS is trying to take inventory of whats in the drive, even if it's empty.. Very minor thing, but would like to get it to stop if possible.. Probably happens once an hour I'd say.
  4. Thanks, just tryin to think about the best way to do it without having to take out the drive and put it in another machine to fix.. It's a real PITA to get to.
  5. How did you reinstall the myhack? Did you have to redo the usb stick without sleepenabler, boot with the usb, then reinstall to system HD? Just curious how you fixed it when you were getting kp's
  6. I'm kind of curious about the procedure for a full TM restore with the myhack install.. I know with the old one, all you had to do is do the regular restore and then reinstall darwin. Since this is "vanilla" I guess you could just do a regular full restore and not have to worry bout anything else? dunno
  7. For those having problems with sound.. Try voodoohda
  8. Can someone tell me if this is normal? Got everything working and I'm in the middle of my first backup now.. Is it normal for TM to still report the full size of my NAS? Its saying that I have over 2 TB available for backup!! The sparsebundle I created is only 250 gb. Is this something that will fix itself and report correctly after the first backup or did I miss something? Thanks edit: first full backup done and its still reporting over 2 tb available... this normal?
  9. Anyone had any luck w/ snow leopard on this board? I
  10. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    Thank for the help, followed your directions exactly, but still the same results. "More Info" shows its using the GMA900 driver, but still no QE -- Something perhaps a little strange though, that may show I'm still not bringing in the opengl framework correctly -- If I go to "About this mac" and click frameworks on the side under Software, it does not show a version number for OpenGL.. (it is the only framework in the long list that does not show a version number) -- Can someone confirm that it is supposed to show a version number there, cause if so this is more than likely the problem.. Then I gotta figure out why its not registering correctly when I copy it over. thx edit: Guess I answered my own question.. Opengl framework was the prob -- I only needed to copy over a subdirectory from the tar file, not the whole directory.. QE rockin now, thanks again
  11. [How To] GMA900 with QE and CI support on Leopard.

    Can anyone getting this to work w/ 10.5.5 be nice enough to post some step by step instructions. Apparently, I'm missing a step, or did something wrong. Here's what I've tried -- I found the opengl framework tar.gz that someone posted earlier in this thread. I copied (overwrote) the opengl folder into system/library/frameworks - Then I added fibble's kexts from the root of his folder as well as the ones from the folder for my device ID (added w/ kexthelper).. Reboot, and it comes up either garbled screen or just totally black. Am I missing a step? Need to be deleting files first, etc? TIA
  12. I took your advice and was able to find a 6600gt to throw in there. I reinstalled from scratch and and made sure to select NVinject (128). All was well except I was getting all black video in VLC. I then discovered that all the quartz stuff showed "not supported". Ok, so then I found a link to nvinstaller, which supposedly gets rid of the nvinject and modifies EFI, etc. Seemed to be going well, followed the directions (installed drivers, efistudio comes up, I select my card, add, click add to plist).. Then reboot and it stops loading during the spinning apple.. Can only boot safe mode. Did I go about this all the wrong way? Thanks for any more advice, the end goal is to just have my 6600 working the way its supposed to, even if I need to reinstall. Can ya point me in the right direction? Thanks again
  13. About to grab the board from fry's, another good combo deal goin on. I saw a few people ask, but no one confirm. Are you in fact stuck at 1024x768 w/ the stock video? Or can it be changed with some tweaking? Would rather not buy another nvidia card if I don't have to (not gonna game or anything). Thx