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  1. Cypher-DR

    Need patched Intel GMA X3100 Kexts

    Hello all, I have tried all of the recommendations and methods in this post to get my GMA X3100 (HP Pavillion DV6000 - Intel) fully working on iATKOS L2 10.7.2 with QE/CI, but encountered the same mouse/video lag that many others have. I was almost ready to go back to using SL until it dawned on me...why not copy the kexts from my 10.6 install to my 10.7? I loaded iATKOS S3 version 2 and extracted the following using "Pacifist": 1) gma.pkg 2) natitintel.pkg 3) x3100.pkg Note - I used Kext Utility after installing the above packages, the I restarted the PC. I then copied these items to a USB drive and installed on my 10.7.2 setup, and now have fully (and I mean fully) working GMA X3100 on iATKOS L2. I will try these same pkg's on a retail 10.7 install and post the results. I will also post my Chameleon bootloader settings for reference. If someone needs these files, just PM me and I will send directly as they are all in a ZIP that is less than 1MB in size (easy to share). Keep up the good work gents! Chameleon Bootloader Flags: Added boot option: Instant Menu=Yes Added boot option: arch=i386 Added boot option: EthernetBuiltIn=Yes Added boot option: Kernel Flags=-f Added boot option: Graphics Mode=1280x800x32 **I take no credit for any of the files I uploaded as they are sourced from iAtkos S3 V2** Big thanks to Team Uphuck! GMA X3100 Lion - QE & CI.zip
  2. Cypher-DR

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and hope to share what I have learned with anyone that would find it useful. I have successfully installed iATKOS S3 V2 10.6.3, updated to 10.6.7 and still have a working OSx86 Mac. I am also running Windows 7 Ultimate on another HDD on same machine.
  3. Thanks for the advice (as I did ask for it in my post), I appreciate you providing a solution and also elaborating on it. I did not know the implications of what I explained, but did mention that I myself have not done it.
  4. Hello So?Crates, I apologize for the confusion as I thought this was a Leopard forum. I cannot confirm if this will work in Snow Leopard, but if you don't mind trying......here it is: 1) Install whatever distro of Snow Leopard you have and do not select to install VGA drivers when making driver selections. 2) Once you have successfully booted into Snow Leo, restart with iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition and make no selections other than the following: A: B: 3) Make sure that you select the NVDarwin that matches your VGA and if all goes well you will be prompted to "Restart". 4) Cross your fingers and boot Snow Leo with -f noot flag to ignore boot caches and you may/may not be in business. Again, I have not successfully installed Snow Leo yet, I have a distro released by "Hazard" that contains updates 10.6.1 and 10.6.2 respectively. I get nothing but KP or no gfx (black screen) on every attempt, any advice is welcome. Thanks for responding.
  5. Hello (So?Crates), i tried iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8 Lite Edition and it worked on first install, I have intermittent kernel panics (crashes) when I tried to use Safari after first install (nForce Ethernet driver)...so I installed again..but cannot get ethernet to work...hardware is identified...but no web...yet. Below is the hardware. Installed with maxmem=2048 bootflag (otherwise kernel panic before install completes) I know you have a 9800 GTX, but this may work for you. Flawless graphics!! CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.8 ghz MB: ASUS P5N-D (NVidia 750i chipset) HDD: 120 GB Western Digital SATA VGA: NVidia 9800 GT 512 MB (fully supported) Display: Samsung SyncMaster 2232 BW KB/Mouse: Microsoft Wireless USB KB/Mouse Memory: OCZ (2x) 2GB DDRII (4GB total) Distro: iDeneb v1.6 10.5.8