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  1. And why UUID 4D1EDE05-38C7-4A6A-9CC6-4BCCA8B38C14 always generated?
  2. Friends we cant spoof completely without BoardSerialNumber=17 chars Anybody know how to add it to VMX?
  3. Hello! I have same MB, but GTX660. Just before desktop must appear - i see only blank white screen, no cursor, everything stop, no HDD activity. Does GTX660 must work natively? Should i use Graphicsenabler=No too?
  4. Hi, I have a macbook pro 13 (mid 2010). The one that really kills me is the delay when I'm trying to drag something with the trackpad, I lift my finger, and I have to wait a second for it to actually release whatever I'm dragging. I can see how this may be useful in some cases, but personally it annoys the hell out of me. I want it to release instantly and I can't seem to find a setting for this in the preferences. Am I missing something there? If I wanted this type of behavior I would turn on the "Drag lock" option. Anyone know if it's possible to get rid of this delay? Thanks.
  5. Lenovo 3000 N100 Successful Installation

    Anybody trying to do DSDT for this laptop?
  6. Asus P5B Deluxe Install 10.6.3

    Look i can's see difference between my Retail Snow 10.6.0 updated to 10.6.4 and Clean Snow 10.6.4. I have installed 10.6.4 update today, but it's not resolve my problem with sleep.
  7. Asus P5B Deluxe Install 10.6.3

    Everything works on 10.6.2, except sleep and wake! Gonna up to 10.6.4 in a few days
  8. Snow Leopard on Asus P5B SE

    Same thing with P5B deluxe. Everything works and X-Fi too, but sleep. I have s3 mode and when i put it to sleep, monitor going off, but HDD and FANS are ON. After that i can't wake. Previous situation about year ago gave me full s3 sleep with HDD and FANS off, but never Wake UP. It seems there is no chance, expect S1 mode, but i will try some kexts and settings.
  9. Nvidia gforce 7300 go

    This is due to running on x64 mode , try to force -x32. Somebody, tell me about 7300 Go and sleep! A cant wake from sleep. QE CI - everything ok. And i have GPU throttling on my Go 7300, it means that frequencies drop down after idle time.
  10. Nvidia 135M SLOW performance

    I'm also have clock down on 7300Go in Slow Leopard=) Frequencies dynamically adjusted from 2D to 3D low and 3d High values. Nobody know how to turn off this((
  11. Asus K52 - Good Hackintosh?

    I'm affraid no. Too early for this laptop. No drivers.
  12. Имеется сборка SnowOSX Universal 10.6 GM (10a432) v3.5, мать P5B deluxe, в BIOS S3 Sleep mode. Входит в спячку отлично, винты и монитор гасит. Нажимаем на кнопку клавиатуры, загораются светодиоды на клаве, HDD молчат, монитор молчит. Вывести невозможно из Sleep кроме Reset-а. Подскажите где что добавить/убрать.
  13. Hi! A have P5B deluxe and SnowOSX Universal GM 10.6 (10a432) v3.5 installation. When i bring PC into sleep mode - everything fine, monitor going sleep, HDD off. But when i push keyboard, nothing happens, except keyboard LEDs light. HDD is still sleep, monitor too. BIOS Settings - S3 Sleep mode. Maybe i need some kext to fix it?