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  1. C0ld_V0id

    USB-Fix for El Capitan

    Can`t get prelinked kernel, tried several fixes but always have "DummyUSBXHCIPCI.kext - no compatible dependency found for com.apple.iokit.IOUSBHostFamily" error, full kextcache -u / log: https://pastebin.com/jddhaU9Y
  2. Sorry, of course I meant El Capitan 10.11.6, there is no 10.10.6 anyway.
  3. Gives me reboot I`ve added system specs to my signature. My CPU is SSE3 if it matters.
  4. It was kernel related issue for me. Either use newer kernel (Latest Spakk`s for 10.11.6 or Shaneee`s RC4) or allow all applications to access chrome safe storage in keychain.
  5. Could you please upload this kernel or give a link? I was able to find only Bronya`s kernel for Sierra/High Sierra. Link is dead Anybody have a new one?
  6. Have you tried to install with minimum kext set? Tried to use another distribute?
  7. I`ve fixed video issue using this guide. Therefore Wi-Fi doesn`t work either! Switch your "AirPort" to en1 or en2 using guide I mentioned before and post back what result you came up with Personally, I haven`t tried to set up ethernet. PS: I still can`t get battery indicator to work Please post if somebody managed to cope with that.
  8. Sure, well, I`ve used the "XxX 10.4.11 rev 2" DVD. I`ve started with options that zippeddu advised, than I`ve manually installed: ADI1980, two USB packages (just type "usb" in finder and you`ll find a few packages on this disc), Java 10.4.6 and iTunes update. The one thing was left - is Wi-Fi, which I got set up and running using this guide. Well, that`s all, still I have a few issues: uTorrent and qutIM doesn`t work, still searching for solution. PS: Feel free to select packages I mentioned above during install customization.
  9. Yaaahooooo =) I`ve got all set up and running perfectly =))) Thak you!
  10. Well, it seems to work quite good! No sound and wi-fi though. Can I install sound kext from install DVD? Oh, and my usb flash doesn`t work =(
  11. Hey guys, I`ve succeeded to install JaS 10.4.6 on my nc6000 and it worked perfectly. But, I wasn`t be able to install Photoshop CS4, cause it requires 10.4.11. I`ve downloaded “XxX 10.4.11 rev 2.0”, and OMG, it has billion of options to customize install with! 10.4.6, for example, had only 3-5 options. First install with 8.11.1 Intel kernel was totally unsuccessful, I`ve got a kernel panic, second install with 8.1.9 kernel was a bit better – system booted, sound / QE was working, but I`ve faced severe mouse tearing, random freezes for about a 1 min. and my nc6000 wasn`t be able to restart, system was hanging up after restart is pressed. Well, the questions is – which options to take? As for the hardware - CPU: Intel Pentuim M 1.6 Ghz (SSE2 only) Chipset: Intel 855PM chipset with 400MHz processor side bus Wi-Fi: Atheros (possibly AR5212) Audio: ADI1980 Customize screenshot screenshot