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  1. On the network configuration page, select the configure it later. That means ML couldn't find a network adapter. And well, it doesn't like that.
  2. I tried, and I got some wierd applescript error, and waited a good hour, never got any further. Bricked my install.
  3. Passer d'une distribution à une retail

    J'ai p-e une idee pour ton probleme de veille, entk c'etait mon probleme, et maintenant j'en ai plus! Utilise-tu un kernel custom? Genre, Voodoo?
  4. "Waiting for boot device". Ah, l'erreur eternelle. Cette erreur veut dire que OSX ne detecte pas l'adapteur qui controlle tes ports SATA. Va voir dans le bios. Tu peut changer le mode du controller. Essaie de le changer vers AHCI. Pas Raid. Pas SATA. AHCI. Ca devrait etre a quelquepart. Je sais que l'option etait sur mon Dell 1720
  5. Clavier et souris USB? p-e que ta besoin d'un update des drivers usb...
  6. Apple, leave my ebay acount alone!

    Yeah, I agree with the past posters. Selling a laptop when blatantly stating that you have OSX86 running on it is kind of a recipe for trouble. It's stated in the EULA that you are not owning a copy of the software, but just a right to use the software depending on if you respect their terms. So yeah, that was kind of a bad move on your part
  7. Here's the kexts needed to make the video card work (VGA Output works with full QE/CI support) as of 10.5.4. For the wireless and all the rest, the Dell Post-installer worked perfectly. I thought I'd share my kexts Again, copy those kexts in /System/Library/Extensions and fix permissions: sudo chown -R root:wheel /System/Library/Extensions sudo chmod -R 755 /System/Library/Extensions Thanks to realityiswhere on IRC, what he told me didn't exactly work, but he led me in the right direction! Hope it helps those having issues! Inspiron_1720.zip