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  1. I keep getting the "can't find boot mgr" upon boot-up. I've burned a couple copies using both imburn and poweriso, my burns are good but I have a RAID 0 array as my primary and win7 in on it. I have followed the instructions to a T, I've broken my RAID via BIOS and set to ACHI and I've tried keeping the array and set to RAID. Any input fellas? woops my specs: EP45-UD3R Q9550 on liquid (although@stock speed for installation) Newish Sammy SATA Optical drive (18x) 8GB G.Skill DDR2-1000 (@stock) 2x320GB @Intel onboard RAID + 1x640GB for cold storage ATi 4890 1GB on water (@stock for installation) hmm...
  2. Thanks very much for the input mate, appreciated!
  3. Just a couple of quick questions before I attempt install. 1) I have an ATi 4890 and I use its built in audio so that I get audio and video over HDMI to my monitor. Will the audio over HDMI work with kakewalk? 2)My current setup is 2x320GB in RAID 0 with 1x640GB for swap/storage. Currently is running Windows 7 on the RAID array, which I don't mind wiping but will my RAID array work with install? Rest of my hardware is fully compatible. **I posted the same question in this thread a month or so ago, HERE, and did not receive any feedback at all which is why I am posting again**
  4. I have all the right specs but I wonder if the built in ATi audio over HDMI works (have 4890)? Also I have a RAID 0 setup (2x320GB) partitioned into 2, 1 for windows os installation and 1 for apps/games, and another 640GB drive partitioned for storage and swap So thats a total of 3 drives with 4 partitions 2x320GB RAID 0 w\2 partitions 1x640GB w\2 partitions Should I just make a 3rd partition on my RAID 0 array for the kakewalk install? Cheers
  5. Just a couple of questions for when I am installing and after I choose custom, which chipset drivers do I choose? I have an Asus M2N-E with a nVidia Ultra 570 chipset and these are the choices given during installation: -old nforce chipset -nforce chipset -nforce test -nforce 67 And for LAN I am assuming I have MCP55 so I am assuming to choose forcedeth, but there is 2 to pick from, "forcedeth" & forcedeth-v" Thanks
  6. Broken MacBook worth $350?

    Just an update, I took it completely apart and used some compressed air to clean out every nook and cranny and blew out the optical drive. I then put it back together and had more luck with the Ubuntu Live CD and have managed to install Ubuntu with complete success. My conclusion is that the optical drive is a little finicky so thats my next step, to locate a compatible drive I can slap in there and I'm good to go. Thank you for the help all
  7. Broken MacBook worth $350?

    Well its not his OS X disc that was bad because it won't even install Linux from the optical drive which leads me to think that it is the optical drive thats the problem. Thing is too I do not have OS X discs nor do I have another mac. I am going to go on craigslist and grab Leopard, probably tomorrow if I can or Tuesday. Is there anyway to install Linux with a USB stick?
  8. Broken MacBook worth $350?

    Well I picked it up. I popped in a Linux Live CD but it will not install or boot into the live desktop. I get the Linux start up screen when you choose language then when I try to install or load up ht live desktop it just spits out out a bunch of errors. Also the optical drive seems finnicky, it is somewhat loud and sometimes will not spit out the CD. I am thinking that its a bum optical drive. Which still if I can replace it I will have a good deal. I managed to talk him down to $340 and he included a mini dvi dongle, and tv out dongle and nice low pro Targus bag. He formatted the drive so it has no operating system at all on it. Thoughts?
  9. Broken MacBook worth $350?

    Thanks for the fast responses guys. I have my own Ubuntu live Cd that i will bring with me and make sure it runs the desktop for a good length of time. And if it does (which cancels out optical drive not working)thats what I am thinking that it is one of two things, the hard drive or a bad disc. Both cases I would make out ok. I can get a new SATA 2.5" for $50 down the street. Is there anything else I should be worried about though? Like logic board or...?
  10. This is a private sale in my local area through a local classified. Ad goes like this: I contacted him via email and got him down to $350. He doesn't seem to have much technical knowledge but claims that it will boot into linux w/ a live cd(which kind of implies he has some technical know how). If its just the hard drive or optical drive I think $350 is worth it, but I fear that maybe it could be something else. I am pretty much a Mac noob although I am pretty savvy with PC's. Any advice on this? ~thanks