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  1. In all honesty... The guide needs a revamp. It really does. Part of my job is to create tutorials for the most non savvy users out there. In my opinion, the packs of software files should be recompiled so that either they are 1 complete pack that you download to match the specific version of Surface Pro that you try to install OS X on, each placed in folders that are numbered to match the steps or, at each step in the guide, a link to download the specific file you require when it is actually required. For example, there was a file in the v 3 pack that was included and when reading the instructions it seemed like it needed to be used but, it did not, hence why people were repeatedly getting the bluetooth error on boot. And no offence, the term "reread the thread" helps nobody. In fact, it comes of sounding a bit douchey no matter who says it because, I have personally read this thread completely about 10 times now and waking up with 30 or so new emails for this thread alone this morning, that term is really no longer a viable option to "help" someone. Many people jumped on board with this project because they watched Jah's video. I know I did. I'm not bitter about Wifi not working. I tried to get bluetooth working with the kext that was posted but, so far I am having no luck. I am still having issues with the touch calibration. I still have hope and appreciate everyone's efforts. I feel bad for anyone who tried this and somehow ended up with a bricked surface. The best that anyone could do is update the guide. It really needs to be written so anyone's grandparents who couldn't operate a VCR could perform it. You are dealing with all levels of expertise here. I've been using macs for 20 years and have supported them as a career for about 15 of those years and even I had to attempt this guide about 6 times to get where I am now. Also, a Youtube video of the entire process would also help. I mentioned it before but, if someone shared their fully successful image somewhere , that would be amazing but, I do understand the legalities of licensing and using this forum definitely pose conflicting interests. Jah, bottom line is, you are not required to do anything but, a complete revamp of the guide and packaging of the files required would help but, completely to your discretion as to whether you want to create one or not. I would kindly offer my help but, not having admin access to the forum or even having my surface pro functioning 100% to the level of what yours is, I might not be the best candidate. Where I could help is testing, screen capturing, proof reading, compiling, etc... but, I think in order to do so, I should have my surface performing as well as yours first. Regardless, I do appreciate the efforts you have offered the group so far. To everyone else, in my experience, any attempt at a Hackintosh of any sort is a crapshoot. Jah did a pretty good job in my opinion. He initially showed what was possible and he was forthcoming with what was not working. He is not required to do anything for us. This is a very try at your own risk operation. We just have to accept that. However, I still believe that there is a possibility that we could collectively get this thing working 100% and create a process that anyone could follow to do so. Then, if enough people were doing it, Apple would maybe consider that they should stop milking sh*tty iOS and give us what we are really looking for... a mobile Mac running a full OS with a removable keyboard/trackpad and a touch screen. Then I would sell the surface pro in a heartbeat.
  2. so, re-reading the entire thread still did not help me. The issue was that Disk Utility took a several attempts to repair all permissions for some reason. Now I can boot natively, with audio, and low and behold, I can run ProTools 8 without hardware in Mavericks!
  3. (surfaceosx) Now I can boot natively (still using "Boot Mac OS X without caches and with injected kexts"). I have no sound. No devices are showing up in the sound preferences. I installed the trial UPDD Touch-Base trial drivers for the Surface Pro stylus pen but, if I touch the screen with my finger, it still goes to the top left. Can anyone give me some guidance on how to fix these issues? Also, is there a list of users that I can be added to in order to buy the touch-base drivers as a group? Any help is as always, greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  4. (surfaceosx) OK, so, a bit of an update. What I was able to do is, mount the EFI partiton of the USB key on another system and then copy the EFI folder and all it's containing files to another USB key. For whatever reason, the Surface Pro 1 will not mount my original USB key while booted in OS 10.9.2. Funny enough, I have an identical USB key, same make and model that mounts fine. I then plugged the other USB key into the surface, and mounted the "SYSTEM" partition using Clover Configurator. I renamed "Boot" folder to "Boot_old" (just to be sure) I then copied the "BOOT" and "CLOVER" folder over to the root directory of the "SYSTEM" folder and then used Clover configurator to customize the config file as caleidosCope described and now I only see the 3 partitions. Now I have been looking through this thread and so far cannot find id a anyone figured out if it is possible to boot without having to select "Boot Mac OS X without caches and with injected kexts" everytime? Also, is it normal that my USB boot key would not appear in OS 10.9.2 on the surface? I checked Disk Utility and it was not their either. In any case, I am a lot further ahead than I was but, I still feel there is more to go. Also, I am still tempted to find a way to image this thing once am done with it. I work for a company and I have been testing a software call "Miray HDClone" for our server backups, It says it is able raw clones of hard drives (which infers it does not care what the OS is). I am wondering if I can get it to a point where everything is working as it should then take a snap shot of the entire HD. I'm really not sure how realistic this is or not but, I think it would make backing up this system so I would not have to go through this entire process again much, much simpler.
  5. (surfaceosx) So... Is it normal for my clover install to show 7 Windows partitions? I also have 1 clover and 1 OS X partition. It's been this way the whole time. Also, when I start clover configurator, I get a message saying "Unexpected disk identifier: disk0s2" and my options are to continue or stop. I press continue and the "SYSTEM' volume mounts however, there is no clover config file. If I attempt to install cloverEFI onto the OSX partition, suddenly a "Windows RE Tools" partition appears. I attempted to follow the "bootmgfw-orig.efi" renaming trick but, if clover boots natively, the OSX partition does not appear. Is this because I have not placed the config file in the proper location? I am kinda stuck here. Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.
  6. (surfaceosx) I'm just curious. Is there a way to create base images for each model using something like Carbon Copy Cloner or something to that effect? For "backup purposes" say. If someone was able to get to the point where OS X was running with the bootloader natively running without a USB key and OS X booting without having to select boot without injected kexts etc... Could the OS X partition and EFI partition be imaged. Or possible a raw capture of the entire SSD so that it could be installed via USB? I assume there are many reasons why this has not happened yet but, I just thought I'd throw it out there for discussion. It would definitely make this process much simpler if it was possible and I would imagine more people would be able to diagnose issues if it everyone was affected by the same symptoms. Thoughts?
  7. (surfaceosx) This is exactly what I want to use my surface with as well. I am a Protools user. I run a label here in Toronto with some friends called obsolete components. We produce electronic music and I would love to be able to take my sessions (once tracked as audio files) and edit them on the subway/bus. I also user Serato Itch to DJ from time to time so, it's good to know that this will work with my VCI-300 properly. I am still trying to get the boot loader to boot without a usb key. I will try the steps above and update. Thanks guys! -s*
  8. (surfaceosx) Should this also work on a surface pro 1?
  9. (surfaceosx) OK, so... In order to install clover into the mavericks partition I need to wipe the entire partition and format as GUID? How do I put Windows 8.1 back on then? Bootcamp? Basically, my goal would be to have OS 10.9.2 and Windows 8.1 on the SSD and possibly Android on the micro SD card with the ability to boot into any of them. Also, have the touch features work on all of them would be key. Is this possible? The main thing I would like to avoid is carrying a USB for the bootloader. Could we modify the instructions to explain this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  10. (surfaceosx) ok, so I got 10.9.2 to install. The 2 things I was doing wrong is using the config and dsdt file that exists on the v0.3 folder and pacifist for whatever reason was trying to extract all the files as opposed to just the mach_kernal. Regardless, I can now boot into the mavericks partition but. when I try to install clover in the mavericks partition it fails on the installation. I also have Windows 8.1 on a separate partition. Any idea why this is happening and how I can get it to install? Thanks,
  11. (surfaceosx) wait... so for surface pro 1, normally we would NOT need to extract the mach_kernal with pacifist? I've been extracting every time because it is in the instructions. Just looking for some clarification. Thank you,
  12. (surfaceosx) Thanks for that JahStories. Now I managed to get 10.9.2 to install but, the first time I attempt to boot the Mavericks partition without caches and injected kext, I freeze at the following spot during boot: **** [iOBluetoothHCIController][searchForTransportEventTimeOutHandler] -- Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport! This was the same with 10.9.1. The only thing different that I did from your last message was I used the DSDT file in the version 3 package. Could this have caused the issue? I am not sure what else to try. I appreciate your help, Thanks, -s*
  13. (surfaceosx) Hi there, I have attempted to follow this proceedure about 8 times now with no success. I can boot into Clover but when I attempt to boot the OS or the installer, the closest I have made it was with a OS 10.9.1 image and I am not sure how I did it but, it did appear to do the install of the OS ok but, when I attempted to boot without caches and injected kext into the OS, I got a Bluetooth driver error. Then I tried 10.9.2 and 10.9. Now, everytime I attempt to boot without caches and injected kext into the installer, I get the following error: OsxAptioFixDrv: Starting overrides for System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi Using reloc block: yes, hibernate wake: no efiboot loaded from device: Acpi(PNP0A03,0)/Pci(1D|0)/Usb(1,0)/Usb2, 0)HD(Part2,SigE7516B44-1b0c-4c00-9A24-BA218B516042) boot file path: System\Library\CoreServices\boot.efi ..Loading "mach_kernal" Error loading kernel "mach_kernel" (0xe) Boot failed, sleeping for 10 seconds before exiting... Then it freezes there. Can someone please tell me what I am doing incorrectly? I just want to get this working. Not sure if I am missing a step or what. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you, -s*