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  1. Intel gma 950 no QE/CI

    would you mind describing the method you used to install the files?
  2. Intel gma 950 no QE/CI

    yes please.
  3. Intel gma 950 no QE/CI

    use one of the Voodoo Kernels instead of a Vanilla one and your cores will work wonderfully. only downside is not being able to update directly from Apple. only thing i don't have working on my 6400 is QE/CI and i haven't been able to find a fix anywhere.
  4. 10.5.7 GMA950 Quartz Extreme issue

    Joolay's framebuffer kext fixed my resolution issue perfectly [and thank you - it was driving me nuts] but i still don't have QuartzExtreme. =( either way, once again, thank you Joolay!
  5. Definitive Notebook GMA950 Driver - 10.5.7

    i've been trudging around trying to get fixes as well. inspiron 6400 - everything works aside reso change and quartz x. worked fine in 10.5.6 and now nadda. iAtkos v7 upgrade
  6. 10.5.7 and GMA950 on Acer Aspire One

    i can't seem to get it to let me download the file either.
  7. i've been trying to make sense of this all morning, editing the plist like a lunatic. -- if(_trackpadprefs.tapDragEnable) { if((nowNs-_trackpaddata.lastTapTime<_trackpadprefs.maxTapDragTime)&& (_trackpadprefs.minTapDragTime && (_trackpaddata.x-_trackpaddata.downX<=_trackpadprefs.doubleTapTolerance && _trackpaddata.downX-_trackpaddata.x<=_trackpadprefs.doubleTapTolerance && _trackpaddata.y-_trackpaddata.downY<=_trackpadprefs.doubleTapTolerance && _trackpaddata.downY-_trackpaddata.y<=_trackpadprefs.doubleTapTolerance) ) { // Finger was only taken off pad to signal tap drag #ifdef FFSDEBUG IOLog("FFScroll: Drag started at (%d,%d) tap was at (%d,%d) time gap was %lld \n",_trackpaddata.x,_trackpaddata.y,_trackpaddata.downX,_trackpaddata.downY,(n wNs-_trackpaddata.lastTapTime)); #endif #ifdef FFSDRAGDEBUG IOLog("FFScroll: Drag started at (%d,%d) tap was at (%d,%d) time gap was %lld \n",_trackpaddata.x,_trackpaddata.y,_trackpaddata.downX,_trackpaddata.downY,(n wNs-_trackpaddata.lastTapTime)); #endif _trackpaddata.stickTapDrag = true; _trackpaddata.tapDragStartTime = nowNs; } else if(_trackpaddata.stickTapDrag) // if we are already dragging { if(_trackpadprefs.tapDragLock || (nowNs-_trackpaddata.lastFingerContactTime<_trackpadprefs.maxTapDragRevTime)) // if it is locked or within the rev time do nothing {} else _trackpaddata.stickTapDrag = false; // release the tap drag } #ifdef FFSDRAGDEBUG else IOLog("FFScroll: No Drag found tap at %lld time now %lld time gap was %lld max gap is %lld\n",_trackpaddata.lastTapTime,nowNs,(nowNs-_trackpaddata.lastTapTime),_trackpadprefs.maxTapDragTime); #endif -- so far i've had no luck. anyone else feel like giving it a go? some things that jump out at me are tapDragEnable, stickTapDrag (true/false), lastTapTime - almost everything else is already in the plist. my left mouse button is broken, scrolling works like a CHARM, tapping and double tapping off the pad are great. i just need tap and drag! =)
  8. ExpressCard™/54 slot

    it's a PCI-e driven expansion slot that is 54mm wide at the connection. it's meant to phase out PCMCIA.
  9. didn't work for me either. thanks for trying.
  10. screen turns off right after boot?

    this was happening to me after i did a 10.5.5 update, constantly - been trying to find an answer for this for a while, and i think i may have stumbled across something today. http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=107030 i have yet to test it as i'm still cleaning up after my finally successful update. had a very nicely working version of iATKOS 4.1i, but no guide i used would help me to update. i ended up downloading iDeneb 1.3 and just updating that way... done. hahaha. anyway, good luck with the screen sleep issue - i'm not suffering it anymore, but may do this as a failsafe anyhow. now my issue is i lose my trackpad and keyboard on wake up! ugh.
  11. Monitor your temperature under OSX

    all it does is complain to me about speech recognition files being corrupt or not present, and to remove the program until i have resolved that issue. [i'm speaking about the original thermal monitor, not the widget thing that was posted a long time afterward]
  12. Drivers for fan control on Dell Laptops

    hey Dense... so i patched the source files, and i compiled them with xcode - where did that I8kfanDaemon come from, and where do i put it? /Libraray/LaunchDaemons just seems too easy after all that. managed to learn a lot about 'patch', 'diff' and how to compile an extension. been at this Hackintosh thing 2 weeks - i'm kickin ass and takin names. i have currently put the Daemon exec in /Lib/LD but i don't see it doing much during a verbose boot.
  13. Updating to 10.5.5

    i'm currently running iATKOS 4.1i 10.5.4 Intel - fully vanilla install [kernel, acpi, smbios] aside from the battery fix and broadcom440 ethernet drivers. tried your cumulative method of install, and upon rebooting back to the sign in screen i saw a quick flash of blue, and then my monitor shut off. i am assuming my lcd panel is going to sleep. i was able to enter my password, and boot onto the desktop [i could hear my expose corners making noise as i hit them while i moved my mouse around]. hit the power button, then hit enter and the system shut down. ended up booting from the dvd and using a time machine backup to restore, then booting off the dvd again with -s and doing a darwin at the bash prompt, and checking everything with fdisk afterward. still had no boot prompt, so i re-loaded the dvd and installed both darwin and chameleon. and here i am. going to try a couple of different things and see what happens. firstly, i'm going to make backups of my gma950 drivers from this install. second, i'm going to try and see if i can set one of my expose corners to wake up my lcd panel after i boot into the os like before. i've seen this spoken about in a few different threads on a few different boards. going to take a look at the Voodoo XNU-DEV 9.4.0 beta_1 kernel before i attempt another upgrade install, and see how it runs [and if i can get both my cores running smoothly with no boot precursors]. also going to see if i can help with the new Voodoo XNU beta_2 for 10.5.5 [kernel 9.5.0] with any logs if i can manage to get a smooth update to 10.5.5 either way... here goes nothing.
  14. [How to] Edit Boot.plist

    well, for anyone else who can't get the -f prefix to work, or just a simple mach_kernel without it locking up on you, find yourself an install of Mac Drive 7 for Windows (free trial here: http://www.mediafour.com/products/macdrive...ial/default.asp) after you have that all set up, find your OSX install disk or partition and use the directory tree to get yourself to Library -> Preferences -> SystemConfiguration and open up your com.apple.boot.plist with WORDPAD [notepad won't line wrap] fix up whatever you botched and try booting up your osx side again. i'm about to go try to boot right now. =)