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    Open Core? Couldn't find anything...
  2. Similar thing happened to me couple of days ago. Had hwp enabled. Xps went to sleep/hibernation? Then efi corrupted. Tried to rescue it but no luck. Had to format the efi from windows. Then booted the macos partition from usb and reinstalled Clover and efi files
  3. Nomad347

    Clover General discussion

    I'm using a dell XPS 13 9350. Everything works great but still some minor bugs most of them related to (I think) the SMBIOS. I'm using MacBookPro12,1 but System Info shows only a MacBookPro1. Apparently it's a dell only thing that truncates the SMBIOS??? Not really documented anywhere. Could Clover help with this? Not really a techi guy myself. Thank you
  4. Nomad347

    [FIX] macOS Sierra DP1 BCM94532Z WiFi

    Same card in Dell XPS 13 BCM94350ZAE/DW1820a [14e4:43a3]. Booting with verbose gives: sudo dmesg | grep -i ARPT ARPT: 2.706942: srom rev:11 ARPT: 2.739163: Over-riding wl_msg_level, found "wl_msg_level" arg, value[0x00000fff] ARPT: 2.739170: Over-riding wl_msg_level2, found "wl_msg_level2" arg, value[0x00000fff] ARPT: 2.743458: BRCM tunables: ARPT: 2.743462: pullmode[1] txringsize[ 256] txsendqsize[1024] reapmin[ 32] reapcount[ 128] ARPT: 2.745520: wl0: Broadcom BCM43ba, vendorID[0x14e4] BAR0[0xdc400004] ARPT: 2.745687: wl0: powerStateWillChangeTo: PowerFlags 0xf000 new state 2 theDriver 0x56590bc9ff88b381 ARPT: 2.745732: D3 Exit Sanity : Verify PCIE ARPT: 2.746089: D3 Exit Sanity : Verify Backplane errors ARPT: 2.746151: D3 Exit Sanity : OL_CAP:1 M:0 ARPT: 2.746155: D3 Exit Sanity complete - Device is in good state ARPT: 2.773715: Log system state... : reinit:6:-PCICfgRdFail-CfgReg:0x78 ARPT: 2.833306: ARPT: 2.833312: Fatal Error - Initiate powercycle ARPT: 2.838439: ai_core_reset: WARN1: resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.840716: ai_core_reset: WARN2: resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.841818: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.844111: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.846857: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.849419: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.852371: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.854616: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.856977: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.859958: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.862425: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.863567: ai_core_reset: Failed to take core 0x812 out of reset ARPT: 2.863726: wlc_ltr_init: ltrspacing wr=0x1f4 rd=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.863845: wlc_ltr_init: ltrhysteresiscnt wr=0xc0001 rd=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.864007: wlc_ltr_init_reg: rd[0x844]=0xffffffff wr[0x844]=0x883c883c ARPT: 2.864244: wlc_ltr_init_reg: rd[0x848]=0xffffffff wr[0x848]=0x88648864 ARPT: 2.864483: wlc_ltr_init_reg: rd[0x84c]=0xffffffff wr[0x84c]=0x90039003 ARPT: 2.864603: wl:wlc_ltr_hwset: orig ltr=3 new ltr=0 [0=>sleep, 2=>active] ARPT: 2.864683: wl:wlc_ltr_hwset: Sending LTR message ltr=0 [0=>sleep, 2=>active] ARPT: 2.865805: ai_core_reset: WARN1: resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.868098: ai_core_reset: WARN2: resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.869240: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.871494: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.873733: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.875945: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.878141: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.880353: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.882562: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.884870: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.887157: ai_core_reset: WARN3 resetstatus=0xffffffff ARPT: 2.888370: ai_core_reset: Failed to take core 0x812 out of reset ARPT: 2.888993: wlIoctl: wlc_ioctl called with cmd 118 returned error -26 ARPT: 2.889000: wl0: setAP: err setting ioctl WLC_SET_AP to 0, err -26 "Not Permitted" ARPT: 2.889149: wl0: powerStateWillChangeTo: PowerFlags 0x0400 new state 1 theDriver 0x56590bc9ff88b381 ARPT: 2.889175: PowerState did not change to OFF : 2IOV_OL_TCPKEEPALIVE_CONN: no valid info ARPT: 3.190307: wl0: wlc_iovar_op: wl_tcpkeepalive_conn BCME -23 (Unsupported) ARPT: 3.190316: wlIovarOp: wlc_iovar_op called with cmd "wl_tcpkeepalive_conn" returned error -23 ARPT: 3.190338: AirPort_Brcm43xx::syncPowerState: WWEN[disabled] ARPT: 3.190349: wlIoctl: wlc_ioctl called with cmd 118 returned error -26 ARPT: 3.190357: wl0: setAP: err setting ioctl WLC_SET_AP to 0, err -26 "Not Permitted" ARPT: 3.190420: wl0: powerStateWillChangeTo: PowerFlags 0xf000 new state 2 theDriver 0x56590bc9ff88b381 ARPT: 3.190449: D3 Exit Sanity : Verify PCIE ARPT: 3.190470: D3 Exit Sanity : Verify Backplane errors ARPT: 3.190777: D3 Sanity : Backplane timeout detected ARPT: 3.190783: wl0: fatal error, reinitializing, total count of reinit's[1], @'wlc_verify_d3_exit':56127 ARPT: 3.190790: Perform hard reset, skip core init ARPT: 3.190797: AirPort_Brcm43xx::syncPowerState: Device in bad state after wakeup - err:-1 ARPT: 3.190853: Power Cycle Completed ARPT: 3.190919: Log system state... : DriverState ARPT: 3.192499: Fatal Error - Initiate powercycle ARPT: 3.228157: ARPT: 3.228165: Log system state... : DriverState ARPT: 3.265353: ARPT: 5.143371: WLAN adapter PCIE config space was not restored (stateNumber = 2) ARPT: 5.153363: wl0: fatal error, reinitializing, total count of reinit's[2], @'wl_nocard_war':4312 ARPT: 5.174015: Perform hard reset, skip core init Any ideas? Also tried with fake id via clover. nothing. Card show up but unable to power on. Thank you
  5. Nomad347

    Clover General discussion

    Can you make a quick tutorial on that? Might come handy for someone? Thank you
  6. Nomad347

    10.8.5 out

    For the Bluetooth to work I edited the broad com plugin plist inside iobluetoothfamilly.kext. added my own id in the iokitpersonalities... Hope it helps.
  7. Nomad347

    Clover General discussion

    Thank you for the reply. Already knew that, but it does not answer my question. I want to prevent it from loading by using Clover's kexttopatch function, thus preventing the kext from loading.... Thank you for the input
  8. Nomad347

    Clover General discussion

    Quick question: installed fakesmc and now my machine panics due to the CPU monitoring plugin. Can the patch kext function of Clover prevent it from loading? Thank you and keep up the great work
  9. Gigabyte GA-G31M-ES2C and a bluetooth adapter made by Trust Vendor ID: 0xa5 Product ID: 0x2101. I have the same strange connectivity issues. Bluetooth seems to be on but no device is detected. Any ideas?
  10. Nomad347

    OS X 10.9 myHack USB Installer Beta

    Add DualLink=0 to config.plist in the graphics section. also try with 1
  11. Nomad347

    RealtekR1000 v3

    My motherboard is a Gigabyte G31M-ES2C and the network is based on 8102E. Seems to get the ip but when I try to access a website no dice. Cable shows as connected as well...
  12. I am kind of desperate now. Installed the Snow OS fine, but the mouse and keyboard are not recognised. tried the voodoo ps2 kext but no luck. Any ideas? thank you.
  13. Nomad347

    Keyboard and Mouse not detected

    I have the same problem. No mouse and keyboard. Tried the voodoo pack and got my keyboard working. Everything went ok, Snow Leopard even booted up but I only have the keyboard working, no mouse! Any ideas? (Sry for my english)