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  1. Software Update 10.6.3?

    Heres the panic i get.
  2. Heya, So I have a hackintosh I built based off a Gigabyte GA-G31M-S2L and a Nvidia 9800 GTS I was running 10.6.3 just fine, then when the iTunes update came around a few days ago and I just let it install all the other updates without looking. I also have final cut pro, aperture, and iLife, which are the only other things I would think could be on there... Anywho. Now its giving me the "you must restart" error or whatever it is every time I boot. I have the new chameleon boot loader I believe, but can't figure out how to get into safe mode. I can't find where to type the -x command... and when I arrow down to safe mode..It like doesn't work?? I followed this guide to install, in case you need to know..I dunno. http://osx86.net/f57/guide-retail-snow-leo...for-g31m-t3672/ Sorry, I used to be more savvy with this stuff, but it's just all so much to keep up with, that unfortunately I'm slowly slipping into the consumer category... thanks! J
  3. That Marriage dilemna...

    I don't see why the US even recognizes marriage at all. Its a religious institution. Why cant we just be like businesses and incorporate?
  4. Damn. I don't know about you guys.. The second I turned 18 I had like a million credit card offers. So far I have about $2000 in spending power...and I have no job. Just the occasional freelance webdesign. Free money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahah no. But credit sucks. Definitely maxxed it out a couple times already. Sucks making minimum payments.
  5. Homosexuals

    OP is definitely a homosexual testing the waters. I definitely love me some {censored}, no doubt about that. I really don't believe in {censored}/straight/bi whatever. I think we're capable of loving anyone, some of us just happen to fall in love with guys more often. Just look at all the bromance going on. Try to honestly tell me that you didn't have an urge to kiss your bro that one night that you got {censored} ass drunk. Broke Back Mountain. BAM
  6. Gap year destinations

    If you wanna see Europe, go see Europe, theres nothing cliche about that. You can still make it special. I've been thinking of just driving back and forth across the states, seeing how many I can hit in a month.
  7. If you won the lottery....

    Ummm with that much money, yeahh ummm I'd A. Live off interest B. Make some mild investments C. Still have enough money to buy at least 5 of every apple product. lol
  8. Best Webcam?

    the old iSight was pretty awesome. You can still get them, but they're a bit pricey.