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  1. OK, MaLdOn. here the requested new-sendme File generated under OC. Greetings Send me dona.zip
  2. Thank you guy, but i need it for Opencore. This DSDT doesn't work with OC or OCNDK. Greetings
  3. Hi @MaLd0n can you help me to generate a patched DSDT for my systems (Highsierra with nvidia 1080 and Catalina with UHD 630 ) with OpenCore. Thanks a lot Greetings Send me donax.zip
  4. plofplof

    i7-9700K uhd 630 flickering

    Hi Damian, same problem here. Use SMBIOS 18.1 with LILU Greetings
  5. unfortunately no change, still with screen tearing in Mojave, high sierra without problems. Send me don 2.zip
  6. Dear MaldOn, can you share your textfle (Maldon Serie 10,20,30.txt) with the DSDT patches, so that I would be able to apply the necessary patches on my own DSDT file. The file is not include in the image shared on olarilla webpage. I have he same board as you GA-Z370-HD3). Thanks a lot. Greetings
  7. Hi MaLdon, can you have a look at my folders. I would like to have a fully patched DSDT.aml. Thank you for your help. Greetings from Germany Send me donalds-iMac.fritz.box.zip Specs Gigabyte Z370-HD3, I7-8700, Asus Stryx 1080
  8. plofplof

    PCI. info

    Hi Kaoskinkae, can you post your DSDT before and after applying the patches, so i would be able to see the differences. Thanks
  9. No issues ? No problem with sleep/wake ? No monitor freeze after wake up from sleep ?