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  1. The other day I tried to get Ubuntu to boot Leopard (Kalyway 5.2 in case that matters) on GPT with grub and all I could get was a HFS+ partition error. You'd probably have better luck with this: http://refit.sourceforge.net/ (I ended up killing the Ubuntu so I didn't take things further.)
  2. Will you still buy the real deal?

    I'm here because I bought a MacBook in the first place---I wanted a laptop, and there's some Mac-only software I want to use to write a book. I got frustrated when I couldn't put OSX on any of my other 3 boxes. I want desktop redundancy with what I'm doing on the MacBook; it's a matter of simple safety and convenience since laptops can break or get stolen. But like so many others, I don't like any of the Mac desktop options. The Mac Pro is too expensive and overpowered. The iMac is not flexible enough---I like to run all my boxes under one head with a KVM switch. The Mini is not powerful enough. If I had money to burn, I might buy a Mac Pro, though the last time I played around configuring one online it came out to $18K... hardly a practical option. Anyway, I doubt that I'd ever use OSX exclusively---I'm a Linux user of many years. I like to be able to use any software regardless of the platform, and that's why putting together a Hackintosh interests me.