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  1. Please read the thread thorougly before making unnessacary comments. It says clearly on the title "Mainly concerning icons.." So its basically desktop with the focus of icons discussion..
  2. This is my current desktop. It contains: Oceans Twelve Wallpaper Scaled desktop icons to the max: Fight Club icons And Kiwi icon The exact same icons I have can be downloaded for free at: http://www.zyotism.com/aesthetics/icons.html Post your screenshots on Icons, Wallpaper.. stuff that look good.
  3. We all know that with Beam Sync disabled we notice significant increase on benchmark scores (Xbench). Beam Sync = Vsync. These are the most visable and noticable changes with Beam Sync disabled according to me: -Using the zooming effect, noticable tearing while in motion. -Widget Morphing Try this if you want to see if Beam Sync benefits you. (I tried both on LCD and CRT monitors, it works): Open dashboard. Click on the + to show the widgets. Now grab a widget and don't drop it. just drag back and forth from its original position to observe the transitional morphing. You will notice choppyness with Beam Sync enabled, but will not with it disabled. There is noticable difference. My specs: p4 2.6 (sse2) ATI 9600XT 128 (CI+QE+Q2E+Beam sync disabled) 512mb ram. 10.4.5 Also see my post on slowdown in Pages (iwork06): http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=13603
  4. Even though you have CI+QE, dont let that fool you. You probably still don't have 100% video acceleration, but you might have, if you are lucky. Just compare the following scenario procedure with Pages (iwork06) in your computer. My specs: p4 2.6 (sse2) ATI 9600XT 128 (CI+QE+Q2E+Beam sync disabled) 512mb ram. Open a new document with Pages. Type randomly at a higher rate (doesnt matter what you type). Then click "Show Layout" on the menu. Now repeat the typing. If you notice a slowdown, then you don't have full video acceleration. If you don't notice any difference at all, your system or GFX card is better supported. (This "test" is for exploring the performance for us OSx86 users in various applications to get a broader picture of compatibility in the system). Please post your specs also. Also check out my post concerning "Beam Sync" : http://forum.osx86project.org/index.php?showtopic=13605