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  1. I have the same problem rightnow but after a couple of minutes i realized that you have to turn off the Intel Speedstep and the WiFi Catcher, and then OS Intallation boots normally.
  2. Dual Screens in SL

    I'm sorry for say this, but i think this is a time for say it. I'm a n00b at the forum too. At least i'd installed oS X since Tiger and i always try to solve my problems by myself just reading the forum 'cause a lot of people have the same problems.But i decided to make a user because i think this is a great project and socialize with other people and try to help with foreign language (spanish) or whatever little thing that i can do would be rewarding for me. Also sometimes we get a little bit of frustration and come here for help. Isn't easy to catch the way the forum's and thread and subforums works, even for the people that know the world of internet and is member of other forums not related to hackintosh. At least for me, at this time i yet don't understand the organization of the threads for looking similars problems.
  3. Is there a way to run the other benchmark in a hackintosh? I just can run Galaxy, (by the way i get 30G with my Athlon x4 720) I want to run displacement but says "bad cpu type in executable" logout I have a 9400gt am i doing something wrong??
  4. Dual Screens in SL

    If you have pluged in the monitors to the card should be recognized them automatically . At least i have a 9400gt with a dvi monitor and a vga monitor, and i always have the two monitors plugged into the card even if i one of them is turned off, and the desktop is always extended. I want to do the vice versa thing, i want to have a normal desktop, but is extended even if the second monitor is turned off. May you should add a efi string o change your kext.