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  1. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    OK, Slice, got it. Just wanted to help @Micky1979: I'm still on Yosemite. Do you need that?
  2. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Hi Slice, thanks for your answer. As you wrote in the clover thread, the BCLK / Clock speed affects audio/sound. For now I use Chimera 4.1 Bootloader (i know you guys don't like tonymac here...) which gives me the "correct"?! BCLK of 100MHz. In the past I often experienced audio dropouts and glitches with iTunes and Cubase. I own a semi-professional Firewire Audio Interface "Presonus FP10". With my new setup, the audio glitches seem to be disappeared. Mayne this helps you and others for further investigations on this specific issue. I could also think of a problem that the CPU clock speed interferes with FF clock speed and the external clock-sync "44.1KHz" of my audio interface.
  3. Chameleon 2.4svn Official PKG Installer

    Hi Guys! I'm experiencing an issue with chameleon/enoch bootloader. First my CPU is: Intel Xeon CPU E5-2690 v2 @ 3.00GHz At lease since version 2716 my CPU Clock readout is wrong. The issue remains with current version 2779. I think the problem ist the wrong BLCK. In bdmesg is says: Sticking with [BCLK: 99Mhz, Bus-Ratio: 30] But BCLK of course should be 100Mhz. Can this be solved with a smbios.plist entry or is it a bug in recent versions of chameleon bootloader? Best Regards, Mark
  4. Hi guys, my graphics card is the nvidia quadro 5000. Until 10.10.2 it worked nativley. After the 10.10.3 update I had to use the nvidia web driver, which perfectly worked then. But after updating to 10.10.4 I cant get it workin again, even with the most recent nvidia web driver. While booting, after the verbose output, my screen goes into standby. Booting with nv_disable=1 I can see the desktop, be resolution is limited of course. I see the the web driver load correctly and also the nvidia preference panel says, the web driver is used. (via VNC connection). The console log says something like: Kernel: Display_B cannot be used and some strange things with the Ambient Light Sensor. I tried all different boot arg combinations (GE=yes/no, nvda_drv=0/1), nothing is working. The strange thing is that even in safe mode (-x) i have no picture without nv_disable=1. I also repaired the permissions and rebuilt kernel cache. I use chameleon bootloader (recent version). Clover is not working for me =/ Any suggestions what to do? EDIT: I used sysdef MacPro6,1 which caused the problems. Having read in another forum that this causes problems, i switched to iMac14,2 and now GFX work again. Just have to found a solution for my broken CPU PowerManagement now... =/
  5. Can't boot Yosemite with Clover (neither ML)

    Hey guys, sorry for the late reply. Meanwhile I was using the new chameleon version to boot yosemite, which worked perfectly. fusion71au, I tried the hackintosh vietnam tool and created a very basic config.plist (attached), but I have exactly the same problem. When it comes to loading the kernel, it just stops. To me, it seams like a bug in clover for my system. Any idea who I can contact with my problem? config.txt
  6. Chameleon r2377 OS X Yosemite

    Installation worked for me! Just trying to get the first boot done had a kernel panic the first try... will keep you updated!
  7. Can't boot Yosemite with Clover (neither ML)

    All Recent clover versions 2703, 2696, 2695. I'm injecting fakesmc and my Intel LAN kext
  8. Can't boot Yosemite with Clover (neither ML)

    My existing mountain lion installation isn't booting either which boots with chameleon perfectly. I tried different methods but always the same. Safe mode... I tried all settings with an without... I'm pretty sure it's a clover problem but I don't know what...
  9. Can't boot Yosemite with Clover (neither ML)

    Its OS X native. I don't have to modify there anything. But I can't even boot the Yosemite installer from USB...
  10. Hi folks, I don't know what I'm doing wrong but i just don't get it managed to boot OS X with Clover bootloader. Yosemite will not boot, but Mountain Lion will neither. Some months ago i got it working but now i have no clue.... Hardware: Xeon E5-2690 v2, nvidia Quadro 5000, LSI SAS Controller (SAS3041E). Clover 2703, 2695, etc.. all the same I can boot Clover from USB and get the menues. When I choose one HDD to boot from, the loading is initialized but when the kernel should start to boot, my system hangs up and only shows the cursor... debug.log closes at the end with last line "Closing log" so that seems OK?! Please help debug.txt config.txt
  11. Boot Guide

    What could be the problem if I don't get beyond that??? System complete hangs up...
  12. fabiosun, what are your BIOS settings regarding Power Management? Do you have Turbo Boost, EIST, etc. enabled or disabled? What about C-State Reporting?
  13. fabiosun, the PM settings in voodootscsync have nothing to do with our cpu power management. It's for power management of the kext itself (so it won't cause high cpu load).
  14. v004 of your msrpatcher crashes immediately and reboots...