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  1. I possibly found the problem of not switching of the notebook (I have 10.5.8 leo). If I delete any nvidia injector - my notebook have normal shut down. After adding nvidia injector kext (I tryed nviject, nvijectgo, nvkush) notebook stops switching off. Anybody have any ideas? Maybe it's possible to start video card without injector - with help of efi strings, dsdt or something else? I tried, but had no success.
  2. HexHex! First of all - great job!!! You can add VoodooHDA driver for your package instead of appleazalia driver. VoodooHda driver have mic support and spdif support too. So, I think it is better choice for 8510w. Can you tell me - do you solve the problem whit switching off your notebook - I didn't found what to do whit this.