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  1. i have cloned High Sirra running on a PC to my Harddisk, instert Shanees Kernel und System kext, extra Kexts (fake smc etc) and usb fix. I bootet with the newest enoch bootet loader. But mostly my system hangs (snapshot ). 2 times i have seen the desktop but usb mouse dos not work.
  2. I try this BETA kernel for all cpus an get a Kernel panic. Not entitled to link kext "com.apple.kpi.bsd" Invalid kernel lp. Whats wrong?
  3. In my installed sierra (dmg from a intel vmware image extract to real hard disk) i get the invalid opcode error with the latest kernels, framework and kext.
  4. @lpukraine Here the same problem with the Photos.app. Only with this Kernel from Tora Chi Yo 10.11.0 AnV Ver AMD Only Attached Files 10.11.0-Kernel-AMD-ONLY.zip Photos.app run perfekt!
  5. Thanks for this new AMD kernel which works for Athlon 2 x4 640 at 10.11 Firefox, Safari, Fotos, and Flash player working perfectly. Better than the other Kernels. But i can only use USB 1.0. (in Bios). I testet with DummyUSB, and the Kext from usb.zib.
  6. @Shaneee with your Kernel i get black boxes in Icontext on Desktop (like the first Kernels for Yosemite), Youtube videos don´t scale to fullscreen.
  7. Hallo Tora Chi Yo, With this kernel JPG Picture Preview work for me perfect!! No problems at all. Safari, App Store etc. works without a patch. No Sound problems. It's great. Many thanks to all developer.
  8. First time i can import pictures in iphoto, but the preview is only gray.
  9. Best yosemite Kernel since jet. Only a few minimum jpg problems (no capture, and wrong colors in Preview picture) Congratulation!
  10. I got kernel panic too. Hope you can fix it
  11. After update to 10.10.2 i got the same Kernel Panic like grom306. I used several Kernel with matching System.kext.
  12. My result with r7d: Boot ok Safari and Appstore work (testet with webkit fix) Like any other Kernel before: sometimes wrong colors in covers in itunes, in icons for jpg in finder and pictures in preview an iwork iphoto gives me an error at importing pictures: not enough space on harddisk
  13. on my hardware I got with bsa_yos_7c kernel with replaced system.kext - shutdown while booting