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  1. 10.5.6 Released!

    Nevermind, man! Trying to update clear 10.5.4 installation (without ANY modified kexts) to 10.5.6 with Leopard Graphics update after it. Crossed fingers. Good luck to myself!! UPDATE: After update and two reboots the system has started in VESA mode. After it I booted from my maintenance Kalyway 10.5.2 and installed Leopard graphics update with Pacifist. After it I booted 10.5.6 and installed kexts for my graphics. Crossed fingers again and clicked Reboot. It started!! Voila!! I don't know how to check QE/CI and I'll be very pleased if you tell me how to check it! Keyboard and trackpad doesn't work, wi-fi card doesn't work too. I tried to install PCI patch but system crashed. Will try to find the new patch or something. Good luck with your Christmas business!!
  2. 10.5.6 Released!

    Sorry for the help i asked!! I've mentioned that my problem is failing graphics. By the way you have the same problem. I've sent you my logs and asked to look it because i can't see what causes my problem. Thanks for your advice anyway! I've got a little bit of experience.
  3. 10.5.6 Released!

    Update went as usual, nothing was wrong. Boot caches were updated before restart. All went as usual! Here's my windowserver.log. I'll be very glad if it'll help you to find the reason! Thanks for your help! windowserver_log.txt
  4. 10.5.6 Released!

    I've done with logs copying from my damaged system and i want to ask you to watch it. Here is the part of my "system.log" file from the beginning of the update process till present moment. Can you watch what's wrong with my system? Thanks! part_system_log.txt
  5. 10.5.6 Released!

    Can i view the same logs when i boots from install usb-hdd partition using the terminal?
  6. 10.5.6 Released!

    Hi! I've just installed 10.5.6 update on my Retail Leopard 10.5.5 Update passed without any errors or kernel panics. BUT!! When it boots up the GUI i can't see anything! Just blank black screen! It seems that screen is turned off. Graphics card is ATI Mobility Radeon x1600. Does anyone have the same problem?
  7. Chameleon with DSDT override

    I've replaced mine /boot with yours boot file and added DSDT already. DSDT.aml i've reached using DSDT patch by fassl. Unfortunately for mine graphic card only one driver is useful. I'll try to delete it and write here about result.
  8. Chameleon with DSDT override

    Hi, mackerintel!! My system freezes right before GUI load. It doesn't boot neither normal mode nor debug. I use this Chameleon bootloader to boot my system (unfortunately with one core). Could you try to patch it for DSDT override with DSDT.aml http://rapidshare.com/files/158577540/Cham...sk.dmg.zip.html Thanks.
  9. Here's it: ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/notebook/asp...0/bios/3234.zip Did you learn how to edit it in Vista?
  10. Here's my dsdt dump. Hope it'll be helpful!! http://rapidshare.com/files/154788652/dsdt.dat.html BIG THX!!!
  11. Hi! Can't start without cpis=1 flag on Acer Aspire 5670. Help me please!! BIOS: ftp://ftp.work.acer-euro.com/notebook/asp...0/bios/3234.zip CPU: Intel Core Duo T2400 1.8 Ghz CHIPSET: Intel i945PM Express GRAPHICS: ATI Mobility™ Radeon® X1600 256 Мб (working) BIG THX!!!