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  1. Custom made rear i/o G5

    How much to order enough so that your minimum order of 50 is met? because this is exactly what I need for mine
  2. G5 Front Panel to ATX I/O Cables

    Mine arrived today too thanks!
  3. [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    Anyone else modified their PowerMac G5 psu to take an ATX power supplys innards? I'd like to put an ATX supply in the casing I've got, just wondering if the fans for the G5 psu will be sufficient at 5 or 7 volts, at 12 they're way too noisy.
  4. G5 Rear panel I/O without MB Tray?

    Sweet, that's the plan! I just thought it might not fit, since the standoffs for the rear of the mainboard look like they'll sit under the ATX board when it's mounted, I'm guessing that I'm wrong there though?
  5. [Discussion] Fit a PC in a G5 PowerMac Enclosure!

    I've done some wiring for mine now, for the HDD and Optical Bay I've soldered some molex sockets on to the wiring harness down near the PSU, so that I can use the original connectors and keep the tidy look of the G5. For the Optical bay, I've added a SATA power plug to the existing wiring, this allows me to plug in the burner without an adapter, and leaves a free molex for fans or whatever To achieve this I used a punch-down sata power connector. just put the wires in the plug and snap it shut, it cuts into the cable to make the connections. easy! you can buy them here for instance: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/2X-SATA-Punch-Down-Power-Plug-ATX-PSU-Hard-Drive-/160580402839?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2563567e97#ht_2579wt_1221 Got some Left angle and right angle SATA cables coming in to match the stock ones but longer, still need to mount the mainboard and psu
  6. Hey Guys, I bought a Late 2004 Case last week and have been waiting to get my new m-ATX board to complete the build I'm looking to do this as stock as possible, so my PSU will be mounted in the original G5's psu case and I don't plan on doing much in the way of cutting. Anywhoo, my question is as follows: Some people have cut up G5 boards and used the rear panel IO to wire it up to their ATX boards, I'm wondering if there is enough clearance to do this as well as mounting the Micro-ATX board directly in the case without a motherboard tray? the only ones I've seen have had weird setups where the PCI-Express slot doesn't line up with the rear slots but uses DVI extensions etc. Please tell me it's possible! I want my case to look as stock as possible!
  7. For people who don't wanna wait for the installer to load there is a quicker way instead of going in and doing it through the gui just type -s and press enter for the darwin boot options and do it from that shell, much quicker!