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  1. Just wanted to say thank you again for the 10.6.3 update guide which proved very useful. This is easily one of the best threads on this forum. Great work blackosx and others.
  2. Just a heads up for Nokia users. If you can't get bluetooth to work (like me ) there may be an alternative. http://europe.nokia.com/support/product-su...-to/using_isync I was able to successfully sync my Nokia 5630 via USB using PC suite connection and isync. I simply could not get my bluetooth to work with a generic BT 2.0 dongle on my hackintosh with SL, though it works fine on my Powerbook G4 in Tiger.
  3. Just wanted to say THANK YOU again for this guide. Extremely helpful. I now have everything working! Since I am a DS3R user, I should mention what changes I made to get this to work. 1a. Follow the PDF guide in this thread. 1b. After booting into your 10.6 install for the first time, sound won't work. This is ok. 2. Immediately install the 10.6.2 combined update from Apple. 3. While the update is downloading, swap the kexts in your "Extensions" folder with the ones provided in the archive in this post 4. Also make sure you take the dsdt.aml from that archive and put it in the proper place, overwriting the one already there. (/Extra folder) 5. Reboot & Enjoy! NOTE: Make sure you are updated to the latest EP45-DS3R BIOS before attempting this! I have a q6600 like the creator of this package. If you have a different processor YMMV. Backing up your kexts and dsdt file are recommended incase you encounter any problems.
  4. Due to the absence of a good guide for the EP45-DS3R, i used your guide (the pdf files). All in all it's a very good guide. I had my install running, but there were 3 issues.. - No sound. Obvious because the sound drivers are different. What sort of workaround is there for this? - Apple Keyboard setup shows up everytime I reboot. - Restart doesn't work. I'm back on my 10.5.5 install for now. I really like the guide you have here, wish you would have wrote it for the DS3R though. I did do a time machine restore from my current install, would that have caused problems?
  5. 9600gso = 8800gs. search and you can find info about the 8800gs which is the same card, just a generation older. I'm using a 384mb 8800gs and it works great. If you're not a gamer though, there are better video card choices out there.
  6. I tried to add my video card a few days ago (asus 8800gs), but it still hasn't shown up in the database.
  7. if the card isn't as silent as you like, silent aftermarket gpu heatsinks/fans are available for $20-$40.
  8. modis

    Msi Breaks out the photocopiers

    I've been considering ebaying my old powerbook in favour of getting something like that. You definitely piqued my attention with your post, 100% vanilla is really intriguing.
  9. other: I wanted a faster computer to supplant my g4 powerbook for home use. I really like osx, but i'm not willing to pay a premium for a computer that doesn't meet my needs. I also play PC games so an upgradable video card is a must. As soon as I buy some ultra quiet fans, this will pretty much be my ideal computer. Apple won't sell mainstream towers because of the image they have established, as shown by their ongoing i'm a pc / i'm a mac ad campaign. PC's are big, ugly, clunky towers -- macs are slick, user-friendly computers that often emphasize form while sacrificing functionality.
  10. modis

    x86 Xbench Results Thread

    before overclock: after overclock: system specs are in my sig
  11. modis

    How to Overclock Q9550 on GA-EP35-DS3P

    here's the guide that i used http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/240001-2...ads-duals-guide and a little guide i found for setting up the ram (for my particular gskill ram) http://www.gskill.us/145.pdf overall pretty easy... good luck.
  12. modis

    Slick hackintosh cases

    Antec Sonata Designer 500. nice and quiet, lots of room, neat bungee cord hard drive suspension,and no stupid windows or underglow. Paid $85 including a 500w antec earthwatts psu, making it an amazing value for the price. Has got very good reviews as well.
  13. Why does a PC case look out of place in an office? There are plenty of perfectly normal-looking, tasteful pc cases without neon lights or gaudy characteristics.
  14. i have one of these dongles (as pictured above) 100M 2.4G USB 2.0 Bluetooth Dongle V2.0 EDR Adapter PC picture My hack is able to send files to my powerbook and my mobile phone (se w800i) but cannot recieve anything from any source. I am running leo4all updated to 10.5.5 with the patched combo update using the vanilla kernel 9.5.0. system specs are in my sig any ideas as to what might be going on?
  15. I find it bizarre that something that looks like a receiver is more pleasing than a standard pc case for general use. As the poster above me said, this would be an excellent touch for a HTPC setup. For a regular computer though? Seems like style over substance, especially considering you will pay a huge premium for one of those linked Omaura units that isn't as functional as a well-designed, well built, traditional form factor case.