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  1. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    Superhai I just wanted to let you know that now, with your speedstep package, my VAIO SZ is usable 100% in OS-X. The machine would lock out at 1.83 Ghz before and get HOT. Now, it automatically throttles itself like a champ. This is a Core Duo (T2400). I am very grateful to you for you hard work. Thanks! -Jason
  2. New version 1.1 of GenericCPUPowerManagement

    Intel Core Duo (Yonah) T2400 @ 1.83 Ghz Sony VAIO SZ110 Vanilla 10.5.5 Stock ACPI "PerformanceStateArray" = (<29070000187900000a0000000a000000270b0000270b0000>,<35050000204e00000a0000000a0000001b0800001b080000>,<e8030000c83200000a0000000a0000001306000013060000>) Working perfect. I can set 1000, 1333, 1499, 1666, and 1833 Mhz. Really cool man, props be to you. -Jason
  3. Anyone having problems with iAtkos v4i and PowerManagement.bundle needs to simply get a cope of the VANILLA bundle for 10.5.4, as the one installed by default is hacked. After replacing the bundle with the vanilla one, simply use Superhai's ACPIBattery.kext. Works a treat. This is a superior solution. -Jason
  4. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    Works spot on. I don't understand why the 10.4.8 framebuffer works when the new leo one does not? Thanks.
  5. Users with GMA 950 / X3100 Real Macs needed here

    I have used the Kalway 10.5.2 DVD with the old framebuffer from tiger on my Sony VAIO SZ notebook with no problems, other than minor tearing (I can live with that). For some reason, the new method with the Leo framebuffer and the Alkor kext causes this notebook to default to the external VGA port, leaving the internal LCD blank (white). I am at a loss as to why 10.5.2 one will work with the internal LCD and one simply won't. Mabye something funny with the Sony hardware. Has anyone been able to get 10.5.4 GMA950 on a VAIO SZ working? Thanks.
  6. CardBus/PCMCIA PC Cards for Leopard

    Chun, I want to first say that your kext has made it possible for me to finally use my Sony Vaio SZ with near 100% hardware support (Intel 3945 only thing not working). I am now using a Dynex (Best Buy) PC Card Wifi solution (Broadcom) that Leo sees as Airport Extreme. I have now been able to remove Vista fully and only use Windows XP SP3 via VMWare Fusion. I have 4GB ram and this solution, combined with Unity is more than I could hope for! I can now have my preferred OS of choice on a notebook that has more features, is smaller, more powerful, and lighter than a Macbook, and still run my Windows apps needed for work. Kudos to you... Now, does anyone know how support is coming for a version that will work in 10.5.4? Thanks... -Jason
  7. So how long do you guys think it will be before the Chameleon guys will support the boot-132 loading of kext files? I know some have hacked the two together but does anyone know if it will eventually be possible to install Chameleon on a vanilla Leo install and keep the install 100% vanilla while storing all necessary kexts in img files? Thanks... -Jason
  8. App Store Is Now Online

    I don't believe this is warez so... if it is please remove it mods. iPhone Final Firmware 5a347 2.0 Enjoy...
  9. sony sz110 sz120 sz* owners unite

    *edwardrjones *shelly207 Make sure that you have LCD Screen Expansion set to ON in the BIOS. This is for the GMA950 of course. With the new Kalway 10.5.2 DVD I have everything except my webcam working on my SZ180. Even the PC Card Slot thanks to Chun-Nan (cheers mate...)! I am now able to use my Atheros PC Card Wifi for this notebook! This is the first time I have had nearly 100% of my hardware working in OS X... Any questions let me know. -Jason
  10. 10.4.10 w/ 8.10.1 kernel. Newest SMBios from Netkas' site. Seems to be unstable only in the setup app after login; therefore I can't set up a profile because the sensor crashes each time it ask me for input. I hope they will continue to progress with this software as I would quite like to use it. -Jason
  11. macgirl, have you had any issues with the upek suite crashing when trying to set up your fingerprint profile? I have a Sony VAIO SZ Notebook with the same fingerprint scanner as your dell. I can't seem to get the software to run long enough to set up a profile. Any suggestions? -Jason
  12. Software Update

    Confirmed... Working for me also now. There is an update for the Remote Desktop Client in 9A581 as well.
  13. James, you have a Sigmatel STAC7661 audio chipset (All VAIO SZ units have this chipset). Use the Taruga patcher version 1.16 with the dump I have attached. This should work for you. --Jason SonyVaioSZ3XPcodec0.txt
  14. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    I just wanted to say thanks to Targua... I have my VAIO SZ Sound working and I had given up hope of that ever being a posibility. So much so that I had switched to Vista full time. Both the internal speakers and the headphone jack works. The computer sees the internal mic, but it does not respond to input. The external mic input is only seen as an "unknown" input with no options. I used the SonyStac7661.txt dump and version 1.5 of your patcher. I also compared a dump I did in PCLinuxOS to the SonyStac7661.txt dump, and they are indeed the same. Is there any hope of getting the internal mic at least to function, if not everything? Thanks... I am willing to help in any way to figure this out that I can. Thanks in advance... -Jason
  15. Apple Store Down, Macbook Core 2 Duo Is Coming!

    Now if the Macbook just had an option for a decent video card it would be perfect for me... shame really.