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  1. Kirky, on 20 Aug 2016 - 3:29 PM, said: https://github.com/Piker-Alpha/freqVectorsEdit.sh Thanks @ekwipt, the frequency vectors script made me realise that I had the SMBIOS set to Mac Pro 6,1 but I had the host file name set to mac-mini.local? I typed the following code in terminal and changed the .local settings, including the LocalHostName to Myname-Mac-Pro. Now I can boot into 10.11.6 with full resolution graphics. sudo scutil --set ComputerName "Myname-Mac-Pro" sudo scutil --set LocalHostName "Myname-Mac-Pro" sudo scutil --set HostName "Myname-Mac-Pro" Another thing I noticed was that the AppleGraphicsDevicePolicy.kext wasn't installed properly? That's what you get for being lazy and editing the file in the extensions folder. I had to move the edited file out of /System/Library/Extensions/ and install using the "Kext Utility" App. These were two strange errors that stopped me from loading a native GeForce 770 GTX in 10.11.6, but somehow didn't cause a problem in 10.11.5 Those files are quite old, you can find much newer ones. Have a look for... FakeSMC v6.18.1394 from here IntelMausiEthernet-v2.1.0d3 halfway down this page NullCPUPowerManagement-v1.0.0d2 from here or extract from ##### AppleALC 1.0.13 from here and 1150 audio in ##### works I think the rest can be found in "Clover_v2.3k_r3696.pkg" or search in RehabMan
  2. I have already tried installing the web drivers, removing nv_disable=1 and adding the nvda_drv=1 boot arg but still no luck in getting full resolution graphics in 10.11.6? Technically the web drivers don't support the NVidia GeForce 770GTX as the card is native to OSX so the web drivers probably shouldn't work anyway. Something else must have changed in 10.11.6 update in the graphics department? I'm wondering if I will have luck using a separate graphics rom in the efi/clover/rom folder, but I'm not quite sure how to apply it in Clover?
  3. Have a bit of graphics card trouble when updating to 10.11.6? I have a GeForce 770GTX which has always worked without the need to inject drivers or install the Nvidia drivers. I removed the nv_disable=1 boot arg and this card works perfectly in 10.11.5. I have tested the update to 10.11.6 but I can't get past the [PCI Configuration begin] line? If I add the nv_disable=1 line back into the boot arg I can load the OS but with only 800x600 resolution? Any ideas?
  4. So we might have Nvidia graphics by the end of the week then! :wink2: Seriously though, I was gonna buy a new retina macbook pro, until I read that you can't upgrade the ram or harddrive after you've purchased the system! Thats £1700 apple have just lost from me as I'll be sticking with my Dell XPS 15 with 1920x1080 screen for a while now, even if we only have Intel HD3000 graphics. Over the last year I've upgraded the ram and changed the harddrive to an 500gb SSD drive! How many people will Apple annoy who purchases an 8gb ram Macbook Pro, only to wish they got a 16gb ram version the 512gb harddrive version a year down the line! Damn you Apple!
  5. @Doix, scrap that, the UseKernelCache=Yes command now works fine, must have been a 10.7.2 AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext issue as the 10.7.4 version works. I'll install the new audio kext in a few weeks as I've got to much work on at the mo and really need to concentrate on it! Cheers for the help.
  6. @Doix, Thxs for the L502v7 installer. Haven't tried it yet as my system is running 10.7.4 fast and smoother than ever without graphics glitches anymore, but still with UseKernelCache=No enabled. Just curious, does your audio update fix the heavy base issue from the speakers, or do we still need to edit the kext? Also, does anyone know which page the SD Card Reader package is on - I can't find it? or is their a better option?
  7. As has been mentioned today, it was the Voodoo Battery kext, the same that's included in Doix's pack. The problem I had was that Doix's v6 pack wasn't working for me when installing the audio and battery kexts for some odd reason? so, using KextDrop.app I installed my backup of AppleHDA.kext, Dell_XPS_ALC665.kext, IOAudioFamily.kext for the audio and AppleACPIPlatform.kext and VoodooBattery.kext for battery meters
  8. @Doix I've got the audio and battery working now using dropbox.app, I don't need to boot with -v, but still using UseKernelCache=No does that make much difference though as my system seems very stable with no graphics glitches and I'm back with 8gb ram
  9. I just installed 10.7.4, but ran into a restart loop? managed to bypass that with UseKernelCache=No, but now I can't get the Audio or Battery Working?
  10. @Doix Hmm, its definitely been an odd one? I had 8gb ram when I ran 10.7.0, 512mb assigned to the HD3000 graphics and no glitches at all? Thought it might be the ram (Corsair CMS4GX3M1A1333C9) but not too sure? I think I might try and go back and start again. Looking forward to the next package!
  11. Has anyone heard anything about the new MacBook Pro's? if they have nVidia graphics cards would that help solve the 540m cards, or is it still down to a bios issue? I've been running 10.7.3 fine, but since upgrading from 10.7.1 I can only seem to have one 4GB memory stick installed? if I try and add the second one the system doesn't load? not sure if its an update issue or a Chimera issue. I also have occasional memory glitches, usually I log off and back on and they are fine though. Took the Bluray player out and got a hard drive caddie and run 2x 480gb Agility 3 drives, works very well editing in FCPX, but would love to have that damn elusive nVidia 540m card working!
  12. Has anyone noticed that when you update to 10.7.3 and use Chimea v1.7.0 you can't actually use both memory slots? or is it just me???
  13. Hmm, thats what I did as well, range is about 2 inches! I need to look into this further. Thanks.
  14. @Doix, or anyone else who can help Just wondering how you've got your Bluetooth card setup in the second mini pci slot? I've got the 1510 card in the first slot and have attached the two antenna connectors to it, but that doesn't leave any cables free to attach to the Bluetooth card for frequency distance - any ideas?
  15. Just a reminder people while Doix is making some amazing progress with the Nvidia card. If any of you are still having various graphics glitches, check to see if you've got memory in slots 1 and 2, if so, remove one memory module and see if it fixes the problem!