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  1. What about the new ATI HD4850 ?

    now what shell i do? buy a 9800gtx+ or a hd4850 and wait? difficult decision as the hd4850 performs better, but i think i'll go for the 9800gtx+, as it already has leopard support.
  2. hello. i am new to the theme dual booting, so i had a couple of questions. i want to dual boot windows xp sp3 and kalyway leopard 10.5.3. windows is on a 320gb-sata2-drive. leopard is installed on another 500gb-sata2-drive. i read about chain0, tried it out, but as i wanted to start leopard, i got the message: "file hal.dll is missing or corrupt". i tried downloading hal.dll from the internet but that made things even worse. there must be something i did wrong, but i don't know how to fix it. or if there is another opportunity to dual boot those operating systems, please let me know. would appreciate your help very much. bence
  3. hello. i have kalyway leopard 10.5.3 installed on an asus p5k motherboard. now the problem is, that leopard doesn't detect my ide-drive. to make this more understandable: my drives: 1: sata2-320gb-windows: leopard can read that, 2: sata2-500gb-leopard: no problem, 3: ide-80gb-datas: os x doesn't detect it all. please help me, what shall i do?
  4. Cannot Display Over 1024x768 Without VGA

    i've got the same problem, as itsmeltc, i've already tried SwitchResX , but didn't work for me, the resolution is still 1024x768. my graphic card is an nvidia 8600gts.