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  1. burning .dmg in windows

    Quickest Way to burn DMGs in windows is using a free program called DeepBurner it burns them with no issues. i made a Tiger DMG in MacOS copied to my PC used deepburner to burn, burnt fine put it in my G4 held down C and it booted no problems
  2. iTunes 6.0.4 and AMD?

    I just copied the iTunes.app file out of my G4 Applications Directory and Put it on my AMD Mac and it worked. before i used to get the error Registration Expired.
  3. AHHHHH CD/DVD Master there was the problem!!!! Cheers!!!! I also figured out a work around... I already had my Tiger CDR file on my computer at work. I just copied it to my iPod. Then when i got home i copied the CDR file to my second hdd on my G4, then i used disk utility to restore my second hard drive as a bootable tiger installer drive, then i used my second hdd as the source for the restore on my ipod. Once completed plugged my iPod into my iBook held down C and the rest is history..............Tiger awesomeness!!! The great thing is the iBook only cost me $365AUD on ebay which is something like $280-300USD Viva La Apple
  4. I was attempting to make a DMG/CDR image of my Tiger DVD and it gives me an error saying it cannot read from source. This error occured on my PowerMac G4 so i thought i'd fire up my OSx86 on my AMD64 and I got the same error. So logically i thought it was my disc. So I burned another copy of Tiger in windows (i have deepburner so it burns CDR Files flawlessly) and i recieved the same error. The reason for making this DMG/CDR file is so i can install Tiger on my iBook (with firewire) that doesnt have a DVD drive and make my iPod Bootable. Ive made it boot a Jaguar and a Panther install before so I dont get it. i know you can boot your machine in target mode by holding down T and booting the install disc from my other mac but i havent has a chance to try it yet. Should I just bit the bullet and upgrade my iBook's internal optical drive?
  5. How do I use my dual monitors in OSx86 with my Radeon 9800 XT?