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  1. Add this line to your vmx file: cpuid.1.eax = "0000:0000:0000:0001:0000:0110:1010:0101" It's needed on core i systems to function past 10.6
  2. iTunes 10.1 via Software Update

    Here's the icon from iTunes 9 if anyone wants it for use with 10 Just drop iTunes.icns in /Contents/Resources in iTunes.app Saw a lot of people upset about the change in icon so I figured i'd toss this out there. iTunes9_icon.zip
  3. Snow Leopard Graphics Update 1.0

    Just a bit of information on this, it updates the Nvidia drivers to: 19.5.9f02 CUDA will prompt for an update with these drivers (if you have CUDA installed) but an update is not available as of yet. Just thought i'd share that info in case someone here needs CUDA.
  4. Running Hackintosh in public place

    "Oh this? I come from a parallel universe where Microsoft and Apple are opposite of each other, now if you'll excuse me I have a dimensional rift to catch."
  5. NVIDIA Driver Installer 19.5.8f03 with hardware check removed: http://filebeam.com/ffd7a1f0b80638f13c28a5a3236b7a81 was going to upload this for people a while ago but spaced it. Alternatively you can (and what I did originally) view contents of the original package and install each package (theres 3 of them) individually since the hardware check is only on the parent installer but you will need to repair permissions after.
  6. Would you mind pointing me in the direction of some info on how to do that? I've got some friends looking to run 10.6 in VMware without VT-x and haven't really been able to point them anywhere for it, in my case i've got VT-x on an OS X host and haven't had an issue but nothing has worked for them yet. Any direction on this would be much appreciated. -xforce/OmegaX
  7. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    NullCPUPowerManagement installer package: DOWNLOAD Hope that helps people. I might post this on the VB forums also maybe with a combo installer of audio driver and other useful kexts, if theres any others that are useful to anyone I can make packages for them too, I currently am only using NullCPUM and audio.
  8. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    It does seem to work better since the official 3.2.0 release, and I presume the glitching is in fact a VB issue on some host hardware. Thanks for adding the driver to your guides, my post on the VirtualBox forums has also been stickied by the mods. As for the kext helper issues, I only noticed those after upgrading from 10.6 to any 10.6.x, it's a little annoying force quitting it and i'd be happy to make an installer package for NullCPUPowerManagement or any other kexts if anyone would like them, feel free to let me know and i'll make packages.
  9. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Updated post with installer package for sound driver: http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=30843 VirtualBox ICH AC97 Audio Driver.zip VirtualBox ICH AC97 Audio Driver for OS X 10.5.x/10.6.x Package with installer Continuing to post there, should I also be posting it here or does this work?
  10. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Weird that it cuts out, one of those unsolved mysteries of the unknown. I know what you mean though about sound necessity, honestly I think I was more itching to put the kext together mainly because I get OCD and it bugged me to not see the sound icon on the menu bar.
  11. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Not sure why, tried VB 3.2 Beta 3? It works fine for me in beta2/3 and for some other users. Maybe use NullCPU as well to cut down on wasted cpu use? For me I can even play youtube videos (albeit laggy video due to no video driver) but with flawless audio using the driver.
  12. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Glad it's working for you now, I'm the one who posted that on the VB forums. [OmegaX] Glad this kext is helping others get sound support.
  13. Windows + VirtualBox = MAC OS

    Anyone looking for audio support for OS X guest: http://forums.virtualbox.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=30843
  14. New JaS DVD (AMD, INTEL SSE2, SSE3)

    In the SSE3 only I had no GMA950 support and in this SSE2 SSE3 dvd I have no usb support on my Intel 945GNT board, not sure whats going on there, also I had to install the same way I did with SSE3 only dvd by formatting the drive with an older dvd then running the setup from this one to make the drive bootable, i'm glad I have GMA950 resolution changing back but I have to reboot to my old 10.4.5 updated to 10.4.8 with old kernel installation to use my usb ports for anything.
  15. I got this to install only one way, either boot another osx dvd (used my 10.4.5 dvd) to format the drive with the diskutil from that release or format the drive with disutil from a running osx installation, then reboot and boot with this dvd and install 10.4.8, thats the only way I could install with a functioning partition setup, using the diskutil from the 10.4.8 dvd results in a partitioning scheme with an efi partition, it's running now with the way I just used on my intel 945GNT board, only problem is my GMA950 is stuck at 1024x768 with no other resolution options but oddly still shows QE/CE, anyone have a fix for this? -in addition, installing the sec update killed the install and just hangs at boot forever, my other install of 10.4.8 using the old kernel and r2d2 kext is updated to the last sec update with no problems on the other hand.