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  1. All, I fixed my time machine graphic error. When I had updated to the newest kext for the intel gma 950 I had deleted certain plugins necessary for QE/CI. As mentioned before basically go and look in your system profiler and see if Quartz is working and if Core Image is working too. Mine were not and then I downloaded graphic update 1.0 from apple. Instead of deleting intelapplegma driver and the frame rate buffer i left those and just added the neccesary plugins using pacifist. I have posted the only the extra plugins I needed to make it work. You may also need to update your intel gma driver. Try it at your own risk and back it up. Extensions.zip
  2. i took a look at my graphics details and it says core image: software and quart extreme: not supported. I'm running a gma 950 and the ID is 2772.
  3. I'm having the same problem. Backups are running fine but when I open the time machine it just has a pop up finder. If i move or expand that finder window i can see the Time Machine graphic in the background so I'm pretty sure this is a graphics issue. Any ideas on this one? Running Kalyway 10.5.3.