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    10.5.4 installed on HP D530 SFF

    Thanks guys, this totally helped after 4 weeks of trying. 10.5.4 is working fine (but for some reason Disk Utility is not working...I installed Onyx and it seems to work in it's place) I'm still trying to get my network card to work. I've tried adding kext files as detailed in other posts, but to no avail. Do you guys have any suggestions? How did you get your network up? Also, I have an IDE 500 Gig HD with 250 Gigs of files on it (formatted to fat 32). Is there any way to get my hackintosh to see it? (I installed OSX on the original 20 Gig). It was part of a home server and I formatted it with freenas. I read on another site that I need to partition it so that the partitions are less than 128 Gigs, but I don't want to lose my files (burning them on to DVD's would be a huge hassle). I'm running: HP D530 hackintosh P4 512 Memory 20 Gig IDE hard drive Added 500 Gig IDE Slave (sorry, no other specs as I am not at home right now) As you can tell, I'm a very green newbie. Any help would be great.