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  1. hi seruk, yes! you are right. it works. amazing, I really thought I'd tried all keys. On my keyboard, the key should be bound to ^ and ° but I guess as I am no meterologist, for the moment I can live without degrees and whatever the ^ roof is. thank§
  2. Hi, I installed iDeneb 1.3 10.5.5 on my EeePC 1000h. Works fine with usual setbacks (no audio, no ethernet) but I knew that beforehand. One big stupid problem remains: the "<>"-key on the left bottom, between the shift- and y-keys (German keyboard), does not work. This is especially annoying if you try to edit html :-< and renders the whole thing unusable. I tried an external Apple-USB-Keyboard, which worked. I tried a key-remapping software, "Ukelele", but the problem does not seem to be mapping, as Ukelele does not reckongnize the key either. I looked at the ApplePS2Controller.kext, but it was installed and worked. On the forum I cound not find a later version (mine being from April 7th, 2008) Does anyone have any ideas on how to proceed further? Thanks, Rob