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  1. Hi, I am having a bit of a problem with the Battery Monitor. I have installed the Kalyway version of OSX on my Acer and upgraded to 10.5.5. The one thing that is always not working well is the Battery Monitor. On the menu bar I always get a battery with an X in it when the laptop is plugged in or when it runs on battery power. Any battery widgets cannot find the battery (same in when I click on the battery icon on the menu bar, the message says "No Batteries Available") What is strange, is that when I go into the Energy Saver Preferences a message of the current battery charge does display in the middle of the window, but that is the only place I can see it. Any suggestions on how to fix this???
  2. leopard in acer aspire one

    Memes, Did you find a way to mound the SD cards? Neither of the card readers is working for me in OSX but work fine in XP.
  3. I managed to grab a copy from here: http://filebeam.com/8e535baf7803d10da127a96da31b654c Harbot, Thanks a million for a fantastic guide!!! Harbot, Thanks a million for a fantastic guide!!!