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  1. i HATE it when that happens! apparently there are certain DVD drives that will read OSX and some that won't, so when you do get a DVD-rom, don't be surprised if it still gives you problems. good luck!!
  2. theCollector

    Gateway NV7802U Hackintoshable?

    well people, i dove into it. I used iAtkos 4i cause thats what i was used to when i hacked my hp dv9000. everything installed nicely, but now when i try to reboot i hit the do-not-enter sign of death. i booted with -v -r and got couldn't alloc class "AppleAHCI" i'm stuck now. my first thought was to go back into my iAtkos disk and install all the drivers. regardless of need and sort out the rest later. i just want to get a bootable OSX. but now that i'm thinking about it, that doesn't seem like a wise plan. can someone advise me? thanks!
  3. Hey all. I read the wiki and it said that osx could be installed on my gateway, but it wouldn't have wireless and it wouldn't use the top level graphics. has anything changed since the wiki posting? is it possible to swap out the card to get working wifi? any other info would be most helpful. i'm still trying to decide if this would be worth it
  4. theCollector

    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    I am using the 1490 card. It takes some tweaking of the BIOS, but works flawlessly. Okay guys. I have OSX fully up and running. (sidenote: To fix the booting issues, i simply booted the iatkos_4 disk and installed the debian bootloader ONLY) Okay, working: External Keyboard/Mouse WIFI DVDROM Graphics Not working: internal keyboard/mouse headphone mic quick buttons (volume, play etc) missing battery info on the top bar <-- i think i just need to update I need my keyboard and mouse most of all. Not much of a laptop if i need a 20" keyboard to make it work thanks guys
  5. theCollector

    Need drivers for DV9000

    Hey all. I need drivers for a DV9000. Whats missing is: Hardware keyboard and trackpad i'm also missing the audio controls on the task bar. I've tried installing the drivers on the DV9000 thread, but to no avail. thanks for any help!
  6. theCollector

    mDNSResponder error?

    Hey all. i have a problem that has been plaguing me all day long. i try to boot up iatkos5i with -v and it goes okay, but then hangs on: Dec 12 11:03:43 localhost mDNSResponder[21]: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default bDevice-0016369F11F3b instead Dec 12 11:03:43 localhost mDNSResponder[21]: Couldn't read user-specified local hostname; Using default bDevice-0016369F11F3.localb instead Dec 12 11:03:43 localhost mDNSResponder[21]: Couldn't read user-specified Computer Name; using default bDevice-0016369F11F3b instead Dec 12 11:03:43 localhost mDNSResponder[21]: Couldn't read user-specified local hostname; Using default bDevice-0016369F11F3.localb instead If i try to boot with -x -v, i get the same message except for mDNSResponder[28]. but every time, no matter what configuration i run it in, i get the mdnsresponder crash. BTW, i'm running HP DV9000, Centrino Duo, Nvidia GeForce Go 7600. thanks for any help!
  7. theCollector

    iAtkos v5 Problem with SATA harddrive

    i'm gonna ask a naive question, but can you detail what you mean by Formatting to mbr instead of GPT? thanks
  8. Hello. I'm trying to get osx to work on my DV9000 with AHCI support. i found a thread here with the appropriate kexts, but since i can't boot into osx, i'm not sure how to apply them. I tried installing iatkos 5i with AHCI drivers checked, but now when i get to the loading screen, i just get the kernel panic/shutdown/restart screen. can anyone give me some advice or pointers? thanks
  9. theCollector

    OSX Fails to load? AHCIPort?

    Hey all. I finally got OSX installed successfully, but its crashing on boot up. I started with -v and it says: Failed to load extension com.apple.driver.AppleAHCIPort. 13AppleAHCIPort is not compatible with it's superclass. 10IAHCIPort superclass changed? this is all happening because i updated my bios. I had to roll in an AHCI driver in my windows install to make it work. Is there a similar process for OSX? thanks!
  10. theCollector

    iAtkos 4i locks?

    this is a good idea. i'll give it a shot
  11. theCollector

    iAtkos 4i locks?

    Hey all. Quick question. I'm trying to install iAtkos 4i on my HP DV9000 but during the dvd check, the installer locks at 21%. the next try i skipped disk check, and installation locked just a fraction into the install. after 15-20 mins, the install will pop up an error screen and prompt me to restart. What could cause this? thanks EDIT: Okay, it FINALLY got past the disk check. But it's still hanging on the install. even after the status bar freezes, the disc activity light keeps goin, but shortly there after, the activity light quits, and there's no visible activity
  12. theCollector

    Dell 1390 wireless & HP laptop

    hey guys, quick question. I found a modified f27 bios on another thread that removed the whitelisting, and now i can boot into windows with my 1390 card in. Is all the above still necessary?
  13. theCollector

    HP Dv6000 & Dv9000 Intel Only

    hey all. i have a somewhat interesting experience with my adventures in installing OSX. I had OSX and XP working flawlessly, albeit without wifi, so i found a tutorial about flashing a modded f27 bios. I did so and fragged BOTH OS's. after much blood sweat and tears, and help from a saint on this forum, i learned that the new bios changed the way the sata drives are interacted with. i finally got XP back up and running, but now, i cannot get OSX to work for the life of me. The first go around i used iatkos_4 with no issues. Now, i begin the instal, it makes a small bit of progress, freezes, and reboots the computer. ??? could this be linked to the new bios? so then i tried kalyway. and while it'll fully install, while loading it greys out and displays what i understand is a kernel panic window. it asks me to restart the computer. what gives guys? how do i get this working? also one last thing. i will be using a Dell 1390 wifi card(since it works so well with my OSX install on my Acer Aspire 1). where can i get working drivers for windows? thanks for all the hard work and help!
  14. theCollector

    hp dv6000t laptop

    yes, my drives are serial ata's. and i think you're right with the bios. I'm tryin the vista disc now. question, when i'm booting into windows, it shows the windows loader screen and starts working, THEN crashes. so it's still finding the hard drive. could this still be a change in hard drive mode? EDIT: Alright fernando.kreutz, you are my new hero! vista see's the harddrives no problem! Now, how do i go about fixing it so windows can see the drives too? also, my mac install is also having issues. It gets stuck on the startup screen. could it be caused by the same issue? EDIT2: after much searching and reading i've figured out how to load the AHCI drivers into an nlite install of xp. so now i'm back up and running on the windows side. AND with the f27 modded bios i might add, so mission accomplished there. How do i load the mac install with this driver? Or do i even need to? thanks!
  15. theCollector

    hp dv6000t laptop

    alright people, i need some pointers here. I booted a USB Windows XP release and flashed the bios back to a legit HP f29, and STILL i can't load my OS. I'm only getting the BSOD. what do i do now? EDIT: New symptom. When i booted the windows XP install disk to reinstall windows, the install fails because there are "no hard disks installed"