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  1. fermi/gtx 480/gtx 470

    seems its something wrong with cinebench or with drivers my old 8800GT 512mb score in cinebench - 29 (i7-870 processor). so it is much more than tests with new fermi cards. any ideas why?
  2. Best way to improve graphics performance?

    try delete AppleGraphicsPowerManagement.kext and AppleUpstreamUserClient.kext on my 8800gt it was the solution. i think that hangs happens when model in system is imac, and system is trying to manage nvidia videocard with ati settings
  3. valvs method is best but seems it for parallels 5 only. in version 6 config.pvs file is different. all we need is to find a right way to edit config.pvs to boot from right partition. any ideas?
  4. Chameleon RC5 + OS X 10.6.4 + Windows 7 + Parallels 6 - the same problem
  5. as you see - it is not not safe on 10.6.4
  6. install new drivers on 10.6.4 and have the same atari style issue on quadro fx 3700 (chameleon rc5, FakeSMC, card with gfx strings)
  7. i am also want to know about performance of middle end quadro fx cards on hackintosh in 3d/vfx apps compared to ati 4870/90 and gtx 2xx. also quadra fx has bis advantages in low voltage/heat/noise. also which has is better performance - older quadra fx 3700 or newer 1800? also found test of quadro fx 4800 vs gaming cards on mac http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/12/...c-edition.ars/2
  8. 8800 GT to Quadro FX 3700

    hello everybody! its so small info about quadro fx on macs/hacks, so maybe can someone tell me about the performance of quadro fx 3700 in composing apps (ae, motion) and 3d apps (modo, cinema4d, maya) compared to ati 4870? just want to know is old 3700 have a sense on mac without special drivers. also is it need to install drivers from quadro fx 4800 for mac from nvidia site, or 3700 works with generic nvidia drivers? also i find a compare quadro fx 4800 with 4870 http://arstechnica.com/apple/news/2009/12/...c-edition.ars/2
  9. VMWare Fusion on a Hack?

    yes yes, the same issue. only 2 cores in the settings instread 4cores. mabse it is because we hawe a core qadro, and in the description of the supported hardware there are core duo and xenones? maybe there is any patch or somehting else to make all cores work?